Attendance Policies

Attending School is the Law

In Virginia, students enrolled in public schools are required to attend school regularly, regardless of the type of instruction offered. Our students need to be present, engaged, and supported as they return for the 2020-21 school year.

During our virtual opening:

  • FCPS must record student attendance every school day.
  • Parents should report their student’s absences to school any day students are unable to participate in learning, including on Mondays. They may report the absences by calling the school attendance line or emailing the school-designated attendance address.
  • When parents do not report their students’ absences, teachers and school personnel will call to identify the student’s absence reasons. 
    • An eNotify (electronic) message will reach parents about the student absence.
    • Parents then can reach the school and provide information about the student absences.

Common reason why students may not be able to participate in virtual learning:

  • Student illnesses
  • Religious holiday observances
  • Temporary family hardship, such as temporary relocation
  • Lack of reliable Internet connection.
    School personnel need to know if families are experiencing challenges in accessing online instruction, so that they can offer support and connect families to resources.

Report absences to your school by visiting the school web site and calling or submitting the online form provided there. 

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Student Absences and Attendance Regulations

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Absences Add Up

Attending school regularly helps students feel better about school - and themselves.