Speech and Language Services

Developing effective communication skills so that students may participate in school and later in the workforce.

Working as members of school-based teams, the speech-language pathologist participates in the prevention, identification, assessment, evaluation, eligibility determination, treatment plan development, and treatment management of those students with disorders in the areas of speech and language. The speech-language service is an itinerant program in which speech-language pathologists travel among schools and centers not only to meet the needs of those populations, but also to capitalize on the specific skill sets, expertise, and specialized training possessed by each individual professional.

Speech-language services are designed and delivered to best meet the individual student’s needs, based on a variety of factors including the type or severity of the weakness, its impact on the student’s ability to access the curriculum or effectively manage social interactions, and integration of services with educational experiences. A speech-language pathologist and the team with which he or she consults strive to provide services that are:

  • Curriculum based.
  • Outcome oriented.
  • Integrated with educational activities.
  • Diagnostic in nature, dynamic, and changing as the student’s needs change.
  • Based on research-proven strategies.
  • Designed to ensure access to the student’s curriculum.

As communication professionals, Fairfax County Public Schools speech-language pathologists work as partners and across school-wide teams to capitalize on multiple resources.

Contact Information:

Barbara Fee
Program Manager
[email protected]