Partnership Agreement Process

short steps to successful partnering

Making Your Partnership Official

Step 1:  Review Our Agreement

FCPS has created simple partnership agreement templates for our seven Ignite platforms.  A sample agreement is shown in the pdf below.

Template language for the specific Ignite platform that the partner plans to engage in with FCPS will be shared with the partner during initial discussions. 

Step 2:  Draft and Share

FCPS has template language for the Background as found on page 2 in the sample agreement below.  

The partner will be asked to provide an Impact Statement as shown on page 3.

This is also the time where FCPS and the partner meet to discuss joint goals for the partnership. 

FCPS has template language to use for Ignite Partnerships that can be cut-and-pasted into the blank agreement.

Once you’ve completed the agreement draft, send the document to Jay Garant in the Office of Business and Community Partnerships for review. 

Important:  Send the agreement unsigned, as the Superintendent always signs first.

Step 3:  Approve Language for Submission

While some agreements are straight forward, others need edits. 

Several people will review and possibly amend the agreement (e.g. Regional Assistant Superintendents, Risk Management, or Community Use) before it is returned to the potential partners for their final “thumbs up.” 

We have two goals in the this phase:

  1. Make sure that others in FCPS who need to know are “in-the-know.”
  2. Make sure that the agreement will be approved by FCPS Division Counsel and, ultimately signed by the Superintendent.

Jay Garant, Director for Business and Community Partnerships will manage the editing and approval process, and keep you informed of any changes.

Step 4:  Submit for Superintendent's Signature

Once the two partners and the Office of Business and Community Partnerships have agreed on the language, the agreement will be routed through FCPS Division Counsel to the Superintendent for signature. 

The FCPS partnering entity will receive an e-mail informing them that the agreement has been officially routed for signature.

Important: A school principal or a program manager should not sign the agreement.  The Superintendent is the only “signatory” for FCPS, and the Superintendent signs first.

The signature process takes between 5 to 15 days.

Step 5:  Acquire Partner's Signature and Return

Once signed by the Superintendent, the original agreement will be sent to the FCPS partnering entity for the final signature. 

The partner will receive complete instructions including where to return the document.

Step 6:  Return for Central Filing

Once two original signatures are on the original document, the partnership is “official.” 

All partnering entities will be emailed a scanned copy of the agreement, keeping the original document in the FCPS central office.