Youth League Pictures in School Facilities

What You Need to Know

There are rental fees for youth league pictures taken inside a school building or outside on a field. Custodial overtime applies to all inside pictures, and includes outside pictures moving inside due to inclement weather (see below for special considerations). Payment must be received by the Community Use Section at least 10 business days prior to event. If payments are not received by the due date indicated on the invoice, a 10 percent late penalty will apply.

Applying for Use

Submit an online request through CommunityUse at least 15 business days prior to the event date. If you are not already an Organization Event Coordinator (OEC), please follow the process on the Community Use of School Facilities webpage to become an OEC. Once you're approved, you can submit your request through CommunityUse, the online reservation system.

Title your event as (League Name) Pictures -- example: BRYC Pictures. All pictures scheduled inside will be charged the appropriate room rate listed in Notice 8420.

Pictures should be scheduled in the cafeteria or other space, but not in the gym.  Pictures scheduled on fields will be charged an appropriate field rate listed in Notice 8420.  Clearly indicate in the Event Description box if inside use is requested as backup in case of inclement weather. Please be aware that rental and personnel fees will apply.

Youth Group Responsibilities

Your group is responsible for all set-up and breakdown. If you want FCPS staff to move tables and chairs, please indicate in the Event Set-Up box under Set-Up Requirements. There will be an additional fee for this support.

You are also responsible for monitoring your participants and making sure they stay in the designated space. Cleats are never allowed inside the building.

Special Considerations for Inclement Weather

Your group is responsible for notifying both the school and Community Use Section by noon on the Thursday prior to picture day, if inside access is not needed. Custodial fees will not be refunded if you fail to notify the school and the Community Use Section by that time.  The custodian will stay for the duration of use as originally scheduled.

For outside pictures being moved inside due to inclement weather, user groups will not incur an adjustment for the rental of the room used inside.  Any refunds for personnel and indoor cleanup will be processed after the event(s), as long as the above notification is made.  Any refunds will be made to the user group--not the photography business.

Contact Us

Should you have questions pertaining to community use, contact:

Gatehouse Administration Center
8115 Gatehouse Road, Suite 3200
Falls Church, Virginia 22042
Vicki Garner, Coordinator
Dan Link, Community Use Assistant
Fax: 571-423-2347