Strategic Plan 2023-30: Planning Process Planning Teams

A summary of stakeholder teams involved in the planning process

It’s important for me to remember that learning happens best in community, and this is an amazing community." Superintendent Reid

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, the Strategic Planning process involved over 124,000 engagement touch points, 11 planning teams, and multiple opportunities for the community to engage in this process of developing a new strategic plan. Over 65+ planning team meetings and community engagements occurred.

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65 Meetings and Forums

  • Core Planning
    • 160 participants
    • 6 convenings
  • Instructional Focus
    • 120 participants
    • 4 convenings
  • Student Voice
    • 117 participants
    • 8 convenings
  • Family 
    • 61 participants
    • 5 convenings
  • Alignment
    • 49 participants
    • 3 convenings
  • Faith
    • 43 participants
    • 3 convenings
  • Principals/Administrators
    • 291 participants
    • 4 convenings
  • Schools/Departments
    • 28,242* participants
    • 2 convenings
  • Superintendent/Cabinet
    • 11 participants
    • 19 convenings
  • School Board
    • 12 participants
    • 8 convenings
  • Community Forums
    • 396 participants
    • 15 convenings

Planning Teams

Stakeholder teams worked together to find common ground and build consensus and alignment during the strategic planning process. Below is a description of each group. 

Alignment Team

Description: The Alignment Team consisted of 49 key decision-makers or opinion shapers from institutions within the community (e.g., community leaders, business/higher education, community-based organizations, governmental entities, etc.). 

The key activities of the Alignment Team include three convenings with planning team members, and inviting stakeholders/ constituents to participate in one of the community forums. 

Champions: Dr. Nardos King, Dr. Grace Taylor 

Team Members:

Last Name First Name Affiliation 
Acquah Kristen Fort Belvoir School Laison Officer
Alam Naila Town of Herndon, Councilmember
Alcorn Walter Board of Supervisors, Hunter Mill District
Anderson Cindy Educate Fairfax Board Chair
Annan Kofi Community Member
Barker George Senate of Virginia, 39th District
Boylan John Dulles Regional Chamber Exec Dir
Boysko Jennifer Senate of Virginia, 33rd District
Castrilli Tony Fairfax County Director of Public Affairs
Chang Eun-Woo Northern Virginia Community College, Educate Fairfax Board
DeCourcey Alison United Community
Delaney Karrie House of Delegates, 67th District
Dhakal Pradip Town of Herndon, Councilmember
Falk Kathryn Cox Communications
Ginsburg Mark George Mason University
Hall Stacy Fairfax City School Board Member
Henderson Nannette Innovation Health
Hickman Amit Fairfax City School Board Member
Hill Bryan Fairfax County Executive
Kelsey Sarah Fairfax City School Board Member
King Nardos Project Champion
Leichtweis Rick Inova Kellar Center, Educate Fairfax Board
Liberty Paul George Mason University
McQuillen Rachel Fairfax City School Board Member
Messina Joseph Garrison Commander, Ft Belvoir
Molloy Michael FCPS Director of Government Relations
Murphy Elizabeth Educate Fairfax
Olem Sheila Town of Herndon, Mayor
Omeish Abrar FCPS School Board Member At-Large
Park Aehee Cox Business, Educate Fairfax Board
Patel Nisha Town of Vienna, Town Council
Pitches Carolyn Fairfax City School Board Chair
Platenberg Jeff Fairfax City Superintendent
Plum Kenneth House of Delegates, 36th District
Potter Steve Town of Vienna, Town Council
Read Catherine Fairfax City Mayor
Schlageter Kelly Member of the Board of Directors of the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Screen Lynn Town of Clifton, Town Council
Shin Irene House of Delegates, 86th District
Singiser Cynthia Capital Area Food Bank
Spivy Nene Children’s Science Center, Executive Director
Taylor Grace Project Champion
Williams Les Risk Cooperative, FCPS Hall of Fame
Wilson Kerrie Cornerstones
Wong Kenneth Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the Northern Virginia Center
Wyatt John Wyatt Foundation

Community Forum Team

Description: The Community Forum Team organized opportunities for every resident to participate in and influence the direction of the strategic plan prior to its completion and formal adoption by the Board. All members of the FCPS community were invited to participate, including parents, staff, students, and community members. Community Forums served as "reality check" sessions that were held at multiple times and in multiple formats, including in-person in each of the nine magisterial districts, four virtual sessions, and two Spanish-only virtual sessions. The insights from the Community Forums were shared with the Core Planning Team for integration into the strategic plan.

The key activities of the Community Forum team include facilitating the logistics, outreach, and communication about 15 planned community forums in partnership with School Board members and Performance Fact Inc. 

Champions: Helen Lloyd, Dr. Tony Copeland

Core Planning Team

Description: The Core Planning Team consisted of 160 planning team members, representing a cross-section of all stakeholders, including students. Because the team included internal and external stakeholders, it assumed the lead in setting the broad direction for the plan, including the Portrait of a Graduate; Vision, Mission, and Core Values; Goals, Measures and Benchmarks of Student Success; the "Four Pillars" (or building blocks) of educational practices, programs and structures; educational strategies; and the roadmap for disciplined implementation of the strategic plan.

The key activities of the Core Planning Team include convening for six all-day meetings, coordinating input from other planning teams, and developing the draft of the goals and pillars for the strategic plan.

Champions: Dr. Frances Ivey, Dr. Iona Spikes, George Becerra

Team Members:

Last Name First Name Affiliation
Ivey Frances Project Champion
Spikes Iona Project Champion
Becerra George Project Champion
Adams Kimberly ERFC Board Chair 
Ayala Meredith Family Partnership Specialist (Military Connected Families & Youth)
Azimi Ruth Parent Liaison, Robinson Secondary School
Badini Lauren Principal, Graham Road ES
Baker Patrice Bus Drivers’ and Attendants’ Advisory Council
Balbuena Ken Adult and Community Education Advisory Committee
Banks Sylinda Fairfax Alliance of Black School Educators (FABSE)
Branson Francesca Systems of Support Advisor (SOSA), Madison HS
Brobst Aimee Fairfax County Government, Countywide Strategic Plan Division Director
Bruce Karla Fairfax County Chief Equity Officer
Buice Laura Fairfax HS PTA
Cades Michelle Fairfax County Special Education PTA (SEPTA) 
Campbell Amanda Fairfax County Special Education PTA (SEPTA)
Carlson Walt Community Member
Carroll Ramona Fairfax County Community Impact Manager
Case Michelle Middle School Directors of Student Services Association Representative
Chambers Andrea FCPS School Psychologist
Clements Dawn FCPS Ombudsman
Conner Melinda History & Social Studies Teacher, HS, Langley HS
Cook Andrea Administrator, Fairfax Academy
Cooper-Gould Diane Decoding Dyslexia
Crowley Erin High School Directors of Student Services Association
Dash Mimi Mathematics Teacher, Hayfield Secondary
Davis Stacey Office Personnel Advisory Council
DeCuir Amaarah Community Member
Derenak Kaufax Tammy School Board Member 
Devers Mie Asian Educators Association
Do Justin Parent
Downes Mary Kay Association of Fairfax Professional Educators
Duncan Shannon Decoding Dyslexia
Duprey Judy FCPS, Coordinator Special Ed Therapy Services
Eqab Sarah Assistant Principal, Annandale HS
Erbrecht Adam Middle School Principals’ Association
Fay Joe FACETS, Executive Director
Ferrick Becca Association of Fairfax Professional Educators 
Figueredo Jorge E. EduFuturo Executive Director
Fortner Meredith EduTutor VA
Franklin Siegel Guila JCRC, Associate Director
Fulmore Marcella Fairfax Association of School Social Workers
Fundaro Silke Bus Drivers’ and Attendants’ Advisory Council
Galizio Lyndsie Fairfax County Federation of Teachers
Gaylord Robert Lake Braddock SS PTA
Genova Maria FCPS Coordinator Social and Emotional Learning
Ginwright Shirley Community Member
Green Melissa Teacher, Marshall Road ES
Hall Vanessa NAACP
Hall Norm Community Member
Hampton Sujatha Fairfax NAACP Education Chair
Hanson Nancy Graham Road ES PTA 
Harrison Kim Assistant Principal, Lewis High School
Haynor Kristen FCPS, Neurodiversity Specialist
Hazard Holly 4Public Education
Henderson Harry Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities
Henderson Kelly Formed Families Forward (Foster/ Kinship Care)
Henson Laverne Human Resources Advisory Committee
Hermann Katie Facilities Planning Advisory Council
Hertzberg Jennifer Principal, Center Ridge ES
Hitchcock Jen Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee
Hosek Cathy Facilities Planning Advisory Council
Houston Leslie Fairfax Education Association
Hunstad Candace Fairfax Association of Elementary School Principals
Isidro Cass Safe Routes to Schools (National)/ Parent
Jerkins, Ed.D Courtney Apple Education (K-12 Leadership Exec)
Jewell Melanie Advanced Academic Resource Teacher, Terra-Centre Elem
Kardelis Kimberly Fairfax Alliance of Black School Educators (FABSE) 
Katz Irv Fairfax Education Association 
Kelland Will Genesys Works (altnernate)
Kilpatrick Debbie Fairfax County Council PTA
Ko Andrew KOVEXA
Koerner Christopher Emily Free & Antiracist Minds
Kralovec Regan Canterbury Woods ES PTA
Krezel Alexa Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee
Kwon Jackie Asian Educators Association 
Lane Jamie Fairfax County High School Principals’ Association
Loos Ellen Apple, Inc.
Lueck Elisa Fairfax County Goverrnment- Manager Strategic Planning
Mason Angel Business Ed Teachers Association of Fairfax County
McKinney Shellie MOMNetwork (Mothers of Muslims), CEO/ Chief Consultant
McPherson Solangie Parent Liaison, Coates ES
Melikan Breanne Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist
Miller Pam Educational Support Advisory Council
Miller Joe Parent
Mills Larry Fairfax County Council PTA
Mohamed Taha Nafisa Parent Liaison, Glasgow MS
Moon Ilyong Community Member
Moore Bonnie Real Food for Kids
Murphy Capps Heather Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee
Napoli Cheryl Fairfax County Council PTA
Niedzielski-Eichner Phil Fairfax County Planning Commission
Oladimeji Nonye Fairfax County Federation of Teachers
O'Neal Gina Principal, Mount Vernon Woods ES
Osborne Edward Advanced Academic Programs Advisory Committee
O'Shea Andrea Food & Nutrition Services Advisory Council
Pham Do-Quyen Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee
Phillips Flor Fairfax County Office for Children
Pollio Rich FCPS, Director of ESOL Services
Pope Alyce FCPS Early Childhood Family Service Specialist
Predaris Teddi Hispanic Educators' Association 
Randolph Lawrence Educational Specialist, MS Gifted & Talented
Rigby Robert FCPS Pride: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allied Employees of FCPS
Sayre Dani Support Employees Association
Shaffer Amy Parents of Autistic Children (Northern VA chapter)
Sharma Manu Parent
Silvia-Torma Brenda School Health Advisory Committee
Sizemore Heizer Rachna School Board Member 
Skurpski Lea FCPS, Director Operations and Strategic Planning
Smith Ann Principal, Key Special Education Center
Smith Kimberly Fairfax County Health Department
Spooner Mark Community Member
St. John Cunning Marcia Latinos Unitos por Educational Equity/ Hispanic Educators' Association (LUPEE)
Stayin Stefanie Great Falls PTA
Strandlie Julie Fairfax County Planning Commission
Sullivan Neil Bucknell ES PTA
Thomas Nina FCPS, Coordinator Professional Learning and Cultural Responsive
Trainer Nancy Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Assocaition (Co-Chair, Education Committee)
Tucker Lloyd Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services
Twomey Marcia Medical Care for Children Partnership (MCCP)
Usher Bethany Safe Routes to School
Vohra Akil AALEAD
Waldron Selvon Genesys Works 
Wallwork James Fairfax County Parents Association
Walton Vernon C. Vienna Baptist Church
Ward Cameron Fairfax County Parents Association
Watson LaTasha Fairfax Alliance of Black School Educators (FABSE)
White Courtney FCPS, Title I Coordinator
Wilson Pam Fairfax General Music Educators Association
Wolfe Stephen Facilities Services Employees’ Advisory Council
Woltz Mike Title One Parent Advisory Committee Chair
Years Janice Asian Educators Association
Yergin-Doniger Ilana School Health Advisory Committee
Zielinski Elizabeth Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities
Zoldak Sue Do Better FCPS
Zuluaga Fabio Assistant Superintendent, Region 2
    Associated School Librarians of Fairfax County
Student     Annandale HS
Student     Chantilly HS
Student     Falls Church HS
Student     Justice HS
Student     Madison HS
Student     McLean HS
Student     Oakton HS
Student     South County HS
Student     West Springfield HS
Student     Whitman MS
Student     Woodson HS


Faith Community/Houses of Worship

Description: The Faith Team consisted of of 43 faith-based representatives who provided input on the direction of the strategic plan.

The key activities of the Faith/Houses of Worship Team include holding three convenings with planning team members and inviting stakeholders/ constituents to participate in one of the community forums

Champions: Lisa Youngblood-Hall, Douglas Tyson

Family Team

Description: The Family Team consisted of 61 parents/guardians/caretakers from across the division who provided input on the direction of the strategic plan.

The key activities of the Family Team include convening as a planning team for five meetings, and inviting stakeholders/ constituents to participate in one of the community forums.

Champions: Noel Klimenko, Renee LaHuffman-Jackson

Instructional Focus Team

Description: The Instructional Focus Team consisted of 120 planning team members and assumed the lead in identifying the professional practices that will enhance instructional effectiveness. 

The key activities of the Instructional Focus Team include convening as a planning team for four all-day meetings and providing input on the instructional practices that will be critical to implement the strategic plan. 

Champions: Dr. Sloan Presidio, Megan Vroman 

Principals/Administrators Team

Description: The Principals/Administrators Team consisted of 291 principals and district-level administrators who guided the work of the other groups, particularly since these leaders will be directly responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Strategic plan. Additionally, this team provided an avenue for all district employees at the school site or in district support position an opportunity to provide input and feedback prior to the formal adoption of the plan through what is called a “reality check.” These perspectives were presented to the Core Planning Team for integration into the formal plan.

The key activities of the Principal/Administrators Team include four convenings, communicating expectations with principals and directors in central office about completing “Reality Check” sessions within their departments/ offices, and sharing this input with the champions of the Core Planning Team. 

Champions: Rebecca Baenig, Candace Hunstad 


Description: The Schools/Departments Team provided an avenue for 28,242* FCPS school-based and operational staff to provide input and feedback prior to the formal adoption of the Strategic Plan. 

 The key activities of the School/Department Team include two convenings, communicating expectations with principals and directors in central office about completing “Reality Check” sessions within their departments/ offices, and sharing this input with the champions of the Core Planning Team.  

Champions: Kathleen Walts, Dr. Michelle Boyd

*Total count that were invited to participate

Student Voice Team

Description: The Student Voice Team consisted of 117 students in Gr. 3-12 who represented the diversity among all students (e.g., demographic, academic, attitudinal, dropouts, graduates, etc.). The team served as the direct voice of the entire student body and represented a cross-section of students across the school division to ensure their diverse voices and experiences were captured in the strategic planning process. Some of the students on this team may also served on the Core Planning Team. 

The key activities of the Student Voice Team include the coordination of the Strategic Plan Student Survey Gr. 3-12, principal-led focus groups, and divisionwide focus groups.

Champions: Leona Smith, Kevin Morris

Additional Planning Teams


Description: The Superintendent and her Leadership Cabinet received continuous updates of the progress of the strategic planning process and took the lead in developing the Strategy Map. The Superintendent provided Strategic Plan updates to the School Board during regular School Board meetings throughout the strategic planning process.

School Board

Description: FCPS School Board members held six convenings and work sessions to provide feedback on work completed by the planning teams and provide input on direction of upcoming planning team convenings. The School Board was provided regular updates on the the strategic planning process by the Superintendent during regular School Board meetings throughout the strategic planning process.

Key Communicators

In addition to planning teams, FCPS had members of community organizations and groups who volunteered as key communicators during the strategic planning process. Key communicators are active members of the community who people turn to for information. They also have an interest in sharing information about the school division and encouraging involvement.

FCPS regularly sent key communicators the latest strategic planning news, insight about future events, and engagement opportunities. Communicators were asked to share that information with their groups and networks in a timely manner, and encourage participation, as appropriate.


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