Brand Attributes

The FCPS Brand Framework

Graphic showing brand attributes: Inclusive, creative, dynamic, compassionate, responsible

Brand Attributes

These are physical or emotional attributes we want audiences to associate with our brand:


We are open and accessible, fostering connections that help build stability, security, and strong partnerships across the community. We value diversity and the opportunity it brings to the lives of all our students.


We value fresh thinking and are constantly finding new ways to achieve the high standards we set for our students and ourselves. We embrace challenge as an opportunity to forge new ground.


We are a motivating force of change. We are forward-looking and ever evolving to ensure we can meet the changing needs of our students and community.


We foster a caring, responsive, and respectful environment. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and all who live and work in Fairfax County.


We are committed to excellence and preparing our students to succeed. As stewards of the public’s trust, we value transparency. We hold ourselves accountable for student achievement and for cultivating the skilled workforce our region’s businesses require.

A graphic of FCPS' Brand Positioning. Text in graphic: Fairfax County Public Schools is a catalyst that transforms our community's most valuable potential - our children - and shapes a thriving future. We are the community's gathering place where, together, we foster creative thinking, a culture of caring, and lifelong connections. In our schools, students share a diversity of experiences that prepare them for success in a global society; teachers creatively challenge and inspire young minds; and parents actively engage in their children's future.