Insurance Benefits

Information on Medical, Dental, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Life Insurance.

Medical Benefits

FCPS offers eligible employees a choice of comprehensive, quality medical insurance plans. Medical plans cover hospitalization, physician visits, therapeutic services, prescription drugs, vision benefits, and more.  


Dental Benefits

FCPS offers eligible employees a choice of dental insurance plans, both provided by Aetna. You may enroll in a dental plan through FCPS without enrolling in a medical plan through FCPS.


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

FCPS offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for healthcare and dependent daycare expenses. Participating in an FSA can help you save money by paying for these services with pre-tax dollars.


Life Insurance

All eligible employees receive basic life benefits. Your life insurance benefits are tied to your retirement program. You may elect to increase your life insurance coverage by applying for optional coverage.

Life Events

Outside of the Open Enrollment period, changes to medical, dental, and flexible spending accounts are only allowed if you are experiencing a life event. In most cases, changes to benefits must be requested within 30 calendar days of the event.

Additionally, you may request changes to your health, dental, and flexible spending accounts during the annual Open Enrollment period (typically held in October), with an effective date of January 1.