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Business and Community Partnerships

The Business and Community Partnerships team is part of FCPS' Office of the Chief Experience and Engagement Officer -- with its primary function to recruit and supports Ignite Partnerships, serve as a liaison to local Chambers of Commerce and other community organizations, manage the FCPS Donations Portal for donated goods, and promote the Savings for Staff merchant discount program.

In the last decade, Business & Community Partnerships has helped secure over ten million dollars in donations of money and valued goods through partnerships and direct donations, not including the value of volunteer hours contributed by partners and mentors.

Currently, FCPS has over 300 business and community partners in 198 schools or centers.

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What We Do

  • Foster personal and business contacts
  • Recruit new partners
  • Complete and route for signatures partnership forms when Ignite Partnerships platforms are met
  • Share best practices, provide templates, technical assistance and support with your partnership teams if Ignite Partnerships platforms are not met
  • Track Ignite Partnerships to ensure value propositions are being provided
  • Support communications with business and community leaders with news and information about FCPS and the functions of FCPS Business and Community Partnerships
  • Reward exceptional programs and projects related to Business and Community Partnerships

For assistance in recruiting, creating, maintaining or rejuvenating a partnership, contact Jay Garant at 571-423-1225.


Services outside the scope of business and community partnerships:

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Background Checks for Volunteers

Background Checks are required for volunteers because student safety is of utmost importance.
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Value Proposition for Ignite Partners

There is real value in partnering with FCPS.
Value Proposition

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