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WorkKeys assessments support students in meeting graduation requirements

The Virginia Board of Education has approved WorkKeys assessments to support students toward high school graduation. Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) recognizes the WorkKeys assessment as an important tool in addressing opportunity, access, and attainment gaps in graduation outcomes. FCPS assessment practices are intended to allow students to access an authentic assessment as a way to better demonstrate proficiency in academic content. 

WorkKeys assessment can be used to help fulfill two types of graduation requirements for students working toward a Standard or Advanced Studies diploma.

Substitute Test for Verified Credit 

The following WorkKeys tests may be used as a substitute test for verified credit toward a standard or advanced studies diploma.

  • Verified credit in English Reading is awarded to students who earn a score of 4+ on the WorkKeys Workplace Documents test and have standard credit for English 11. 
  • Verified credit in English Writing is awarded to students who earn a score of 3+ on the WorkKeys Business Writing test and have standard credit for English 11.

Industry Certification 

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is an option for industry credentialing graduation requirements. The NCRC is awarded to students who earn a score of 3+ on each of the following WorkKeys tests: Workplace Documents, Applied Mathematics, and Graphic Literacy.


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