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Parent/Guardian Score Reports for WorkKeys Assessments

Student results for WorkKeys assessments are generally available within one week of test completion.

FULL TEXT - WorkKeys Score Report Letter

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To the Parents/Guardians of _____________SID: _______GRD: ___

Your student recently took one or more ACT WorkKeys assessment. The tables below provide results from these recent tests. Students who did not receive a qualifying score for graduation requirements will have the opportunity to retake the test. 

The Virginia Board of Education has approved WorkKeys assessments to support students toward high school graduation. WorkKeys assessments can be used to help fulfill two types of graduation requirements for students.

Substitute Test for Verified Credit (VC)—Students earning a qualifying score on state-approved WorkKeys assessments can receive VC for Reading or Writing when they successfully complete an English 11 course. 

   -- WorkKeys Workplace Documents score of 4+ qualifies a student for VC in English Reading

   -- WorkKeys Business Writing score of 3+ qualifies a student for VC in English Writing

Industry Certification—Students earning the required scores specific WorkKeys assessments can earn the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). All three of the following criteria must be met to qualify for NCRC.

   -- WorkKeys Workplace Documents score of 3+

   -- WorkKeys Applied Mathematics score of 3+

   -- WorkKeys Graphic Literacy score of 3+

If you have questions regarding graduation requirements, please contact your student’s school counselor. For questions about WorkKeys assessments, please contact your school’s assessment coach or review these ACT webpages at:…;

Test Information

Current Performance

Assessment: __

Score: __

Test Date: __

Performance Level: __

Administering School: __

Eligibility: __

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About WorkKeys Assessments

High school students may use WorkKeys assessments to fulfill graduation requirements. Click on each question below to view the response. 

Why is my student identified for a WorkKeys test?

The Virginia Board of Education has approved ACT WorkKeys assessments to support students toward fulfilling high school graduation requirements. Most high school students need to earn two (2) English verified credits (reading and writing) to fulfill their graduation requirements. Additionally, some students will use an industry credential to fulfill part of their graduation requirements. 

Students who are currently enrolled in English 11 courses (including International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement) may take WorkKeys tests to help fulfill verified credit requirements for graduation. Students who previously earned standard credit for an English 11 course may also take WorkKeys tests if they need verified credit for graduation.

Students who have already met their testing requirements for graduation are not permitted to participate in WorkKeys tests.

What WorkKeys tests can be used for verified credit and what scores are needed?

The following WorkKeys tests may be used as a substitute test for verified credit toward a standard or advanced studies diploma for students who have earned standard credit for an English 11 course. 

  • Workplace Documents (score 4+) for reading verified credit
  • Business Writing (score 3+) for writing verified credit.

To receive verified credit, the student must earn both a standard credit for the course and a qualifying score for the substitute test.

What WorkKeys tests can be used for industry certification and what scores are needed?

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is an option for industry credentialing graduation requirements. The NCRC is awarded to students who earn a qualifying score for all three of the following WorkKeys tests. 

  • Workplace Documents (score 3+) 
  • Applied Mathematics (score 3+) 
  • Graphic Literacy (score 3+) 

To access the Applied Mathematics and Graphic Literacy tests, the student must first earn a score of 3+ on the Workplace Documents test.

Will these tests affect my child’s ability to obtain an Advanced Studies diploma?

No, WorkKeys assessments can be used to help fulfill graduation requirements for students working toward a Standard or Advanced Studies diploma.

Will these test results appear on my child’s transcript?

Verified credit test results do not appear on students’ transcripts. Student transcripts show that verified credits have been earned but do not indicate how they were earned. 

Industry credentials appear at the bottom of students’ transcripts. The transcript shows the name of the credential and the performance level.

How are WorkKeys tests delivered?

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requires that all WorkKeys tests be taken in-person at an approved site under secure testing conditions. In FCPS, WorkKeys tests must be administered on FCPS-owned computers (e.g., FCPSOn) within the secure FCPS network. WorkKeys testing must be supervised by a trained school staff member.

Where can I find my student’s WorkKeys tests scores?

WorkKeys test scores are available in the Student Information System (SIS) after each testing window. Current and historical WorkKeys test results are posted in the Test History tab of ParentVUE for access by parents/guardians and StudentVUE for direct access by students. 

Please note that the SIS Test History tab can only be accessed through the ParentVUE and StudentVUE websites. Test History is not currently available in the Mobile App.

What if I do not want my student to take further WorkKeys tests?

Any decision to refuse participation in a verified credit-bearing test could affect on-time graduation for your student. Please contact your student’s school counselor to discuss these potential impacts. Students with outstanding graduation requirements would need to access different assessments if they do not participate in WorkKeys tests. Other options for state-approved assessments to fulfill graduation requirements include Standards of Learning (SOL) tests for verified credits and Career and Technical Education (CTE) certifications for industry credentials. 

With this understanding, parents and guardians have a right to refuse test participation for their students. More information about the implications of refusing testing can be found on the Right to Refuse Assessments webpage.

Where can I find more information about the WorkKeys tests?

More information about the WorkKeys tests can be found on the ACT website.

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