Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

Fairfax County Public Schools offers a continuum of advanced academic services for students K-12 that builds upon students' individual strengths and skills and maximizes academic potential for all learners.

In Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), gifted services are available to students who exhibit exceptional performance capability in academic, intellectual, and creative endeavors through Advanced Academic Programs (AAP). When a student is screened for AAP, the school division considers a student’s performance in the four core academic subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. FCPS also considers the diverse characteristics and behaviors associated with giftedness determined by multiple comprehensive assessments.

FCPS is committed to developing excellence and recognizes that children identified for advanced academic services have the potential to achieve at high levels in one or more academic areas. Advanced learners require a differentiated curriculum that addresses their cognitive and social-emotional needs and develops their abilities through instruction that is differentiated in depth, complexity, and pace.

FCPS has policies and procedures in place that are grounded in equity and inclusion. All students receive instruction to develop critical and creative thinking skills from kindergarten through grade 12.

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Advanced Academic Programs Advisory Committee

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