Middle School English

Details about the Middle School Language Arts curriculum

The FCPS Program of Studies (POS) for Language Arts defines the instructional program that must be implemented in the middle school language arts classroom.

The POS describes curriculum content, and identifies the essential knowledge and skills taught, through specific standards, benchmarks, and indicators.

The Program of Studies incorporates and extends the Virginia Standards of Learning. Together they combine to make a comprehensive program of studies for Fairfax County Public Schools.

Five Strands

Language Arts study for Grades 7 and 8 consists of five strands:

Oral Strand

Students experience a variety of speaking, listening, and viewing situations.

Vocabulary Strand

Students expand and enhance vocabulary through language and literature.

Reading Strand

Students read and apply strategies to understand/analyze a variety of literature.

Writing Strand

Students write in a variety of forms using the six traits of writing.

Research Strand

Students access and select information from various sources for research.