Additional Google Services in FCPS

Some of the digital resources your child may use this year require parental consent.

In addition to the digital tools that require parental approval shared by your child’s school, there are services provided by Google that also require parental permission. These go beyond the core services provided by Google Workspace for Education and are not covered by the data-sharing agreement FCPS has with Google.

The additional Google services used in FCPS are listed below. Not all services will be used by every student. Each service has been carefully reviewed to ensure that they align with the FCPS Learning Model. In addition, FCPS has conducted the same review of these services as we do for all products that use student information.

For information about the specific tools that will be used by your child, please contact your child’s teachers. You will be notified if additional tools are added to this list and given the opportunity to opt-in to tools that require parental permission. Additionally, FCPS may use digital tools that do not collect, use or share any personal information.

This permission will expire at the end of this school year and can be revoked at any time by contacting the school. If you have questions about any of the digital resources listed below, please contact your child’s school.

This overall Google Privacy Policy applies to all Additional Google Services. Specific Terms of Service for each are included below.

Applied Digital Skills

Applied Digital Skills teaches digital literacy, practical life and job skills using Google tools. Topics include

  • Research and Develop a Topic
  • Plan and Budget
  • Online Safety and Digital Well-Being
  • Create a Presentation
  • Create a Resume
  • Create a Digital Scrapbook
  • many more

Applied Digital Skills Terms of Service

CS First

CS First is a free computer science curriculum that makes coding fun to learn for students and easy to teach, even for teachers who aren't tech experts.

CS First Terms of Service

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a notification service that sends emails to subscribers to summarize search activity around specific search terms. Google Alerts send daily, weekly, or monthly activity summaries around any specific search terms, including recent news articles or other web content for which students set up an alert.

Google Alerts Terms of Service

Google Earth

Google Earth allows students to travel the world and explore new places with satellite imagery, 3D terrain and 360˚ Street View perspectives.

Google Earth Terms of Service

Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service that students would be able to use to search, explore, and find their way around the world.

Google Maps Terms of Service

Google My Maps

Google My Maps allows students to create, collaborate, and share custom maps.

Google My Maps Terms of Service

Google Public Data Explorer

The Google Public Data Explorer lets students

  • navigate and explore large, public-interest datasets through charts and animated maps
  • make their own comparisons
  • share their findings

There are no additional Google terms of service for Google Public Data Explorer. Please make sure to read the overall Google Privacy Policy.

Programmable Search Engine

Google Custom Search allows students to include a search engine on a website they create that would help site visitors find the information they're looking for.

Programmable Search Engine Terms of Service


Stricter YouTube Controls and Access to Approved Videos

YouTube provides access to high quality educational videos that support FCPS instructional programs. In order to strengthen our YouTube controls and limit access to non-educational content, we are offering the ability for students to log onto YouTube with their FCPS Google account. With this additional layer of protection, FCPS will be able to implement stricter controls on videos available for student use in educational settings.

With this parent consent, students will be able to log on to YouTube and access educational videos approved by FCPS staff. Additionally, YouTube’s Strict Restricted Mode will be enforced which screens out many videos based on YouTube’s automated filter system.

Opting in will allow students to:

  • Log in to a restrictive version of YouTube with their FCPS Google Account. 
  • Experience strict filtering of YouTube videos.
  • View videos and channels pre-approved by FCPS teachers and educational teams.

Students will not be able to:

  • Create channels, playlists, or upload videos 
  • Post comments 
  • Create or watch live stream events

Students who have not been opted-in:

  • Will not have access to when signed in to their FCPS Google account limiting access to the educational videos approved by staff.

YouTube Terms of Service

YouTube Restrictions for Students in Primary or Secondary Institutions