Auditorium Use Guidelines

Learn more about the use of auditoriums.

General Information

  • Time requested through CommunityUse, the online reservation system, should include setup and breakdown time as well as actual event time.
  •  Any fees incurred are directly related to the total time in the facility.
  • If additional days and times are needed for rehearsals or setup, please include them in your CommunityUse online request. Please provide the school building use coordinator with an Auditorium Addendum with details if you cannot provide all information in your online request.
  • The auditorium rental fee does not include dressing rooms. Those must be requested.
  • Charges are by one-hour increments only.
  • Changes to your event cannot be made after an invoice has been paid, which is ten business days prior to use.
  • Please review your invoice once received to ensure that all requested needs have been properly charged.
  • Nothing should be taped or attached to any surfaces inside the auditorium including chairs, walls, and flooring.
  • Use of glitter, confetti, snow machine, or similar items must be approved by the school prior to use.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the auditorium.

Personnel Information

  • Personnel requested by the user may be increased by the school or Community Use section based on the type of activity and number of attendees.
  • If any organization hires outside security, that company shall be duly licensed by the Virginia State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).  Subsequent approval from the school, the Community Use Section, and FCPS Safety and Security Office must be granted.

Equipment and Special Fees Information

  • School equipment varies per facility. Please ensure your equipment needs are clearly stated in your online request, including the numbers of each item requested.
  • The house lights are included in the use of the auditorium; however, stage or spotlights are an additional fee as listed in School Board Notice 8420.  Other special fees are also listed in School Board Notice 8420.
  • Headsets are not standard equipment for rental. If the school allows the use, there is an additional charge per headset.

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