Social Studies

Exploring the world!


Students in kindergarten through third grade are introduced to a study of history, geography, civics, and economics. Students learn basic concepts of chronological time, physical and human geography, citizenship education, and economic choices. The content studied in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades are divided into three distinctly different curriculums, including Virginia Studies, World History, and United States History to 1865. The curriculum taught in FCPS aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).

Middle School

The Virginia History and Social Science Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment is given to all students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Students in grade 7 use skills for historical and geographical analysis as they examine American history since 1865. Students in grade 8 examine the constitutions of Virginia and the United States; identify the rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens; and describe the structure and operation of government at the local, state, and national levels.

Finance Park

All students in grade 8 participate in a financial literacy curriculum titled Finance Park. Fairfax County Public Schools has partnered with Junior Achievement to bring this program to our students, which is delivered through mathematics and civics classes. The culminating experience is a trip to the Finance Park facility, located adjacent to Frost Middle School. At Finance Park, students immerse themselves in a reality-based decision-making process addressing aspects of individual and family budgeting, including housing, transportation, food, utilities, health care, investments, philanthropy, and banking.

High School

The four standard required courses include:

  • World History and Geography I - from ancient times to 1500
  • World History and Geography II - 1500 to contemporary times
  • Virginia and United States History
  • Virginia and United States Government

Each of these courses is based upon a program of studies (POS) aligned with state and national standards. Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are administered at the end of the World History and Geography I, World History and Geography II, and Virginia and United States History courses.

In schools that offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students can meet graduation requirements by enrolling in AP United States History (11) and AP U.S. Government (12).

Students enrolled in International Baccalaureate(IB) programs would complete the following four courses to meet the four-credit requirement: World History II for IB Schools (9), Government for IB Schools (10), IB History: The Americas (11), and IB History 2: 20th Century Topics (12).