Ignite Partnerships

For Businesses and Community Groups

Ignite Partnerships

To become an Ignite Partner, FCPS seeks partners to work with us in seven platforms and meet specific engagement thresholds.  We offer our partners a clear value proposition as a means of ensuring return on investment.

Business and Community Partnerships develops, promotes, and coordinates Ignite Partnerships between business and community groups and the FCPS.  Our seven platforms are below.

For assistance in recruiting or creating an Ignite Partnership, or sharing the good news of your partnership, contact Jay Garant at 571-423-1225 or Kathy Ryan at 571-423-1206.

Our Partners

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FCPS Partners

Value Proposition

There is considerable return on investment when partnering with FCPS
Value Proposition

Background Checks and Fingerprinting

Partnership Agreement and Approval Process

Get Started

Policies and Regulations Impacting Partnerships

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Partnership Starter

If you’re interested in considering a partnership, complete the no obligation FCPS Partnership Starter.

Smaller Opportunities

To work with FCPS on a smaller scale within our Ignite Partnerships areas of impact
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Different Ways to Partner with FCPS

Ways to Partner Beyond Our Ignite Partnership Platforms
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