Young Scholars (K-12)

The Young Scholars (YS) Model identifies and nurtures advanced academic potential in students from historically underrepresented populations.

What is the Young Scholars Model?

Young Scholars is:

  • Designed to identify and nurture students with high academic potential from historically underrepresented groups* in Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) and courses
  • A strategy to increase access to rigor found in:
    • The FCPS strategic plan.
    • The Closing the Achievement Gap framework.
  • In addition to, not a replacement of, advanced learning opportunities from the FCPS AAP continuum of services.

*Twice exceptional, English Learners, Black, Hispanic, or economically vulnerable

Why Young Scholars?

Young Scholars is a K-12 model:

  • Designed to remove access and opportunity gaps
  • For students historically underserved in advanced academic programming.
  • That supports students through challenging coursework with a variety of strategies in elementary, middle, and high school.

How does Young Scholars work?

Because Young Scholars (YS) is a model rather than a prescribed program, schools meet the goals in different ways. Some examples of YS in action may include:

  • Increased frequency and intensity of advanced academic curriculum and strategies.
  • School-based extracurricular enrichment opportunities .
  • Young Scholars Advisory Time (middle and high school students) activities like goal setting, study skills, career explorations
  • Extracurricular enrichment experiences in Young Scholars Summer Learning (for elementary and middle school students).
  • Young Scholars Summer Institutes (high school students at select high school sites).
  • Ongoing family partnerships.
  • Engagement with a mentor.
  • Academic advising at transitions from elementary to middle to high school.
  • Progress reflection and goal setting conferences.
  • Continued college and career readiness/counseling opportunities.

School staff at all levels work with students and families to make sure students have:

  • Continued support for access.
  • Success in advanced coursework.

How are Young Scholars identified?

A local school committee will meet and identify students for Young Scholars. Elementary school students are also identified for AAP services at that time. Secondary students may also be identified for a Young Scholar designation. These students are enrolled in advanced courses.

School Contacts

For questions about Young Scholars, please contact:

Elementary School

  • Advanced Academic Resource Teachers (AARTs)
  • Teachers
  • School Administrators 
  • Counselors

Middle and High School:

  • Advanced Academic Resource Teachers (AARTs)
  • Teachers
  • Director of Student Services
  • Counselors 

Young Scholar Schools

School staff at all levels work with students and families to make sure students are supported through challenging coursework with a variety of strategies.

School List

  • Aldrin ES
  • Annandale Terrace ES
  • Armstrong ES
  • Bailey's ES
  • Bailey's Upper ES
  • Beech Tree ES
  • Belvedere ES
  • Braddock ES
  • Bren Mar Park ES
  • Brookfield ES
  • Bucknell ES
  • Bull Run ES
  • Bush Hill ES
  • Camelot ES
  • Cameron ES
  • Canterbury Woods ES
  • Cardinal Forest ES
  • Centre Ridge ES
  • Centreville ES
  • Cherry Run ES
  • Clearview ES
  • Clermont ES
  • Columbia ES
  • Crestwood ES
  • Cub Run ES
  • Cunningham Park ES
  • Daniels Run ES
  • Deer Park ES
  • Dogwood ES
  • Dranesville ES
  • Eagle View ES
  • Fairfax Villa ES
  • Fairhill ES
  • Forest Edge ES
  • Forestdale ES
  • Fort Belvoir Primary ES
  • Fort Belvoir Upper ES
  • Fort Hunt ES
  • Fox Mill ES
  • Franconia ES
  • Freedom Hill ES
  • Garfield ES
  • Glen Forest ES
  • Graham Road ES
  • Greenbriar East ES
  • Groveton ES
  • Gunston ES
  • Halley ES
  • Haycock ES
  • Hayfield ES
  • Herndon ES
  • Hollin Meadows ES
  • Hunt Valley ES
  • Hunters Woods ES
  • Hutchison ES
  • Hybla Valley ES
  • Island Creek ES
  • Keene Mill ES
  • Kings Glen ES
  • Lake Anne ES
  • Lane ES
  • Laurel Hill ES
  • Laurel Ridge ES
  • Lemon Road ES
  • Little Run ES
  • London Towne ES
  • Lorton Station ES
  • Louise Archer ES
  • Lutie Lewis Coates ES
  • Lynbrook ES
  • Mason Crest ES
  • McNair Primary ES
  • McNair Upper ES
  • Mosaic ES
  • Mount Eagle ES
  • Mount Vernon Woods ES
  • Newington Forest ES
  • North Springfield ES
  • Oak Hill ES
  • Olde Creek ES
  • Orange Hunt ES
  • Parklawn ES
  • Pine Spring ES
  • Providence ES
  • Ravensworth ES
  • Riverside ES
  • Rolling Valley ES
  • Rose Hill ES
  • Saratoga ES
  • Shrevewood ES
  • Silverbrook ES
  • Sleepy Hollow ES
  • Spring Hill ES
  • Springfield Estates ES
  • Stratford Landing ES
  • Terra Centre ES
  • Terraset ES
  • Timber Lane ES
  • Union Mill ES
  • Virginia Run ES
  • Wakefield Forest ES
  • Washington Mill ES
  • Westgate ES
  • Westlawn ES
  • West Springfield ES
  • Westbriar ES
  • Weyanoke ES
  • Woodburn ES
  • Woodlawn ES
  • Woodley Hills ES

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