Reviews of the Fairfax County Public Schools Advanced Academic Programs

External Reviews of FCPS Advanced Academic Programs

Published: 2020

Summary of Program Review

The focus of the review was to combine an analysis of available FCPS data and documentation with data collected by the review team and state-of-the-art theory and research to create a set of recommendations for improving equity across all four levels of FCPS Advanced Academic Program (AAP) services.

Principal Investigators

Jonathan Plucker, Ph.D., Julian Stanley Endowed Professor of Talent Development, Johns Hopkins University

Carolyn Callahan, Ph.D., Commonwealth Professor of Education, University of Virginia

Dante Dixson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of School and Educational Psychology, Michigan State University

Scott Peters, Ph.D., Professor of Assessment & Research Methodology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Published: 2013

Summary of Review Focus

Three guiding questions were used to review AAP. 

  1. To what extent is FCPS practice in the identified focus area aligned with best practices in the field of gifted education and comparable districts?
  2. To what extent is FCPS practice in the identified focus area perceived to be effective by relevant stakeholders?
  3. What are the FCPS strengths and areas for improvement in the identified focus area? What are the recommendations for improvement and potential expansion?

Principal Investigators

Lori C. Bland, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Assessment, Evaluation, and Data-Driven Decision-Making (DDDM), George Mason University  

Beverly D. Shaklee, Ed.D., Professor and Director, Advanced Studies in Teacher Development and International Education, George Mason University

Anastasia Kitsantas, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the Division of Educational Psychology Research Methods and Education Policy, George Mason University

Angela Miller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Research Methods and Educational Psychology, George Mason University

April A Mattix, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education, College of Education and Human Development, George Mason University

Bill Allen, Ph.D., visiting scholar, George Mason University

To request a complete report of the External Review of FCPS Advanced Academic Programs please contact the AAP Office at 571-423-4740.