TJHSST Eligibility Requirements

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

Residency Requirements

All applicants to TJHSST must, at the time of application, live with a parent or legal guardian who resides full time in, and meets the residency requirements of, a school division that participates in TJHSST. (FCPS Regulation 3355.13) 

The applicant and the parent/legal guardian must actually reside (be present) in the participating school division at the time of application. If you own property here, but do not actually live here, you are not eligible to apply to TJHSST unless and until you actually reside here.

(Active-Duty Military families moving into the area should contact the Admissions Office directly regarding residency requirements. PCS orders (not Separation Papers) will be required to begin the process. 

The school divisions currently participating in TJHSST are:

  • Arlington County
  • Fairfax County (includes City of Fairfax)
  • Falls Church City
  • Loudoun County
  • Prince William County

Fauquier County Public Schools and the cities of Alexandria, Manassas, and Manassas Park do not currently participate in TJHSST. Students who live in those school divisions are not eligible to apply to, or attend, TJHSST. If you live in one of these school divisions and you have questions regarding their non-participation in TJHSST, please contact that school division directly for additional information.

It is a violation of Virginia law (Va. Code § 22.1-264.1) to make false statements concerning the residency of a child for purposes of enrollment in a school outside of the attendance zone in which the student resides.

Proof of Residency

Private school and home school student proof of residency

Requirements for 2021-22

  • Enrolled in both math and science honors courses*
  • Enrolled in one additional honors course or identified as a Young Scholar*
    • *A waiver for the honors requirement may be applied when applicable.
  • Minimum GPA is 3.5. This GPA is for final unweighted marks in 7th grade for math, science, English, social studies and World Language (if for high school credit) as well as 1st quarter 8th grade for the same subjects. 


Math Requirements

Applicants to the freshman class at TJHSST must be taking a full-year of  Honors Algebra 1 for high school credit or a higher level math course in grade 8 to apply to TJHSST. Algebra 1, Part A does not satisfy the math prerequisite for freshman application. Your school must verify the math course you are enrolled in for grade 8 on the application form. 

If you are a homeschooled student, you must provide a detailed description of the math curriculum for all math courses taken in middle school (including the name of the textbook used) with your application. 

Grade Point Average (GPA)

All applicants to TJHSST, at the completion of 7th grade, should have an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher in order to be eligible to apply. It is highly unlikely that 1st quarter 8th grade marks will elevate a GPA lower than 3.5 at the end of 7th grade to a qualifying GPA.

How is GPA calculated?