TJHSST Sophomore Round Decisions

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) Admissions

Sophomore applications are reviewed by a committee of TJHSST faculty and staff. Through an independent selection process each committee member evaluates every application packet to determine who will be offered admission to the tenth grade at TJHSST.

The selection committee undertakes a holistic review to select applicants that demonstrate the following:

  • High aptitude for successful study of science, mathematics, computer science, and related technological fields;
  • Record of prior academic excellence through coursework and strong PSAT and/or SAT scores;
  • Clear interest and motivation in the fields of science, mathematics, computer science, and related technologies;
  • Readiness for research, experimentation, or independent study in one of the school’s technology laboratories. This may be demonstrated by successful science fair projects and other in-school and out-of-school experiences in science, engineering, computer science, and other technological areas.

The following materials are used as evidence of the above characteristics in each sophomore applicant review.

  • Part II of the sophomore/junior application (Student Information Sheet)
  • Three teacher recommendations
  • Scores from the PSAT and/or SAT (currently optional but highly recommended)
  • Academic transcript(s)

No other materials are considered for any applicant.

Once all review processes are completed, the strongest applicants are offered admission. Please note that the numbers of spaces for accepted students in the sophomore round are available through student attrition at the end of ninth grade.


For more information see Regulation 3355:$file/R3355.pdf