Enhancement Plan for Students with Disabilities

The process and timeline for developing and implementing the Enhancement Plan for Students with Disabilities.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has developed an Enhancement Plan for Students with Disabilities to enhance outcomes for students with disabilities and support the goals in the Division Strategic Plan.

Under the direction of the Division Superintendent, the Chief Academic Officer and the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services (DSS) serve as project sponsors.  

Pie chart with 4 equal sized slices containing one of each of the four focus areas surrounding center circle with "Increased Student Outcomes"
The enhancement plan centers on four (4) goal areas: instructional delivery, special education processes, communication, and staff capacity. 


Goals Areas

The Enhancement Plan for Students with Disabilities centers on the following four (4) goals areas:

  1. Instructional Delivery
  2. Special Education Processes
  3. Communication
  4. Staff Capacity


Phase I & II: Data Collection & Evaluation

Phase I Dates: December 2020-September 2021
Phase II Dates: October 2021 - October 2022

In response to a request from the School Board, an external review of FCPS’ special education program was conducted by the American Institute for Research (AIR) which began December 2020 with the final report  and summary report being presented at the October 4, 2022 School Board Work Session.

AIR was charged with four (4) goals:

  • Evaluate the system’s design, structure, and established processes
  • Evaluate the adequacy of human capital resources
  • Analyze the alignment of services with evidence-based practices
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication with stakeholders

Phase III: Strategic Planning

November 2022 - June 2023

Utilizing data from AIR’s special education report, in conjunction with other objective data sources, FCPS partnered with students, staff, parents/guardians, and content experts to develop a comprehensive enhancement plan for students with disabilities. Representations from these groups served on the Steering Committee or Implementation Team. 

  • Steering Committee
    • Included 80 students, school-based staff, central office staff, parents, and community advocates. 
    • Developed the special education mission, vision, core values, strategies (3-4) and appraised the implementation plans.  
  • Implementation Teams and Work Groups
    • Included 101 school-based staff and central office staff with varied content expertise.
    • Developed implementation plans that outline actions aligned with strategies that support plan goals.
  • Additional Community Feedback
    • Included members of Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA), Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD), Teachers Associations, and Principals Associations.
    • Reviewed the implementation plans and provide feedback about plan actions.

Phase IV: Strategic Implementation

July 2023 - Onward

As an immediate response to the boards requests presented during the June 27, 2023 work session, leadership developed the Enhancement Plan for Students with Disabilities - Executive Summary reflecting year-to-year priorities for plan actions and a fiscal year outline of plan actions.

The Enhancement Plan Teams were revitalized to include a governance team, an implementation team per goal area, aligned work groups, and end user groups.

Enhancement Plan Teams

Hands interlocked on armsThe Enhancement Plan for Students with Disabilities is comprised of four (4) teams supporting supporting the strategic implementation of the plan.

  1. Governance Team
    Chief Academic Officer, Assistant Superintendent, Co-Chairs, and Project Managers
    Includes leaders responsible for making key decisions for the project. This team will solve problems, monitor progress, and reduce barriers that impede the success of the project.
  2. Implementation Team
    Co-chairs and Collaborative Partners (within and beyond DSS)
    Includes leaders that facilitate and monitor the strategies and actions outlined in the project plan. This team will align with each project goal area. There is one implementation team for each of the four (4) goal areas.
  3. Adhoc Work Groups
    Includes content experts aligned with the work of each Implementation Team. Experts will support the plan by completing specific tasks associated with plan actions. They will be brought in as needed and as relevant.
  4. End Users
    Teachers/Providers, Principals, Families, Students, and Community Advocates
    Includes customers impacted by the project implementation. Implementation Teams will engage this group for pre and post-implementation of a new resource or tool.

School Board Engagement

The School Board receives updates and provides guidance during specified periods of the plan's implementation.

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