High School Science

High school science students spend approximately 50 percent of their time in laboratory or research-based activities.

The high school science program is experientially based with a minimum of 50 percent of class time spent in laboratory or research-related activities. The integration of technology throughout high school science courses allows students to

  • Collect, organize, analyze, and interpret real-time data.
  • Conduct research.
  • Design science experiments.
  • Explore science concepts through simulation and application software.

Our Programs of Study are based on the Standards of Learning for Public Schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the National Science Education Standards.

Graduation Requirements and Course Planning

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High School Science Course Sequence

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Science Safety Agreements

Science Safety Agreements are available below. The purpose of the Safety Agreement is to provide information for students and their guardians about safety in the science laboratory. Students and their guardians should read and sign the agreement prior to participating in science laboratory activities and return the signed copy to the school.