Meet ALEX!

Your Online Benefits Counselor

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ALEX® is an interactive online tool that will walk you through your FCPS benefit options and provide personalized assistance along the way. When you talk to ALEX, he'll ask you a few questions about your health care needs, explain different aspects of each benefit (including plan details and premiums), and point out what options may make the most sense for you. If you have questions, ALEX has answers!

For help understanding your benefit options, visit

If you'd like to learn more about your FCPS retirement plan(s) and supplemental retirement savings plans options (403b and 457b), please visit the ALEX Retirement module for your retirement system. See additional information below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will ALEX discuss with me?

ALEX will review your medical (including vision and pharmacy), dental, flexible spending, life insurance, and EAP benefits. Within each module, you will be able to ask for as much or as few details as you'd like, such as premium amounts, plan comparisons, and additional resources. As you work within the tool, ALEX will compile notes based on your discussion. At the end, you will have the option of printing these notes, so you can refer to them at a later time.


How long will this take?

Most users spend about 7 minutes with ALEX; however, your time may vary depending on how much explanation you'd like. Plus, ALEX can save your place, so you can pause the conversation then resume at a more convenient time.


Can I use ALEX on my phone?

YES! ALEX is optimized for any smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Can I trust ALEX with my information?

YES! Your ALEX experience is totally private. He doesn't maintain personal information or submit it ALEX Company logoto FCPS (or anyone else), so it's completely anonymous.