Family Relocation (B) for Remainder of School Year - Student Transfer Application

A step-by-step tutorial for filling out the online student transfer application

A student transfer request may be considered for a family who relocates from one school boundary to another in Fairfax County within the last 90 calendar days of the school year. In these cases, families are requesting that the student remain enrolled in the current school of attendance for the remainder of the school year.

Before starting the application, make sure you have done the following:

  • Updated residency documentation (e.g. lease, deed, rental agreement) must be provided to the enrolled school and updated in the student information system in order to submit an online student transfer application.
  • The enrolling parent needs to create a Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account.  Please contact the enrolled school for an activation key. 

Questions? Contact: [email protected]

Let’s Get Started!

  • Access the online student transfer application.

  • Type  in your username and password that corresponds to the enrolling parent Student Information (SIS) Account.

    login slide    

  • If your child appears under the enrolling parent (green) bar, select “Start a transfer request.” 

    enrolling parent slide

    • If your child appears under the viewing parent (burgundy) tab then you may not proceed with application submission.  The enrolling parent needs to submit the application on behalf of the family.

      viewing parent slide
  • Select “Family Relocation” as the reason for transfer request. 

    choose request type slide

  • Select the second option to "Request to remain in a non-base school prior to relocation."

    select second option

  • Enter the address of your current non-base school address and select move-in date. (Pease note that a valid Fairfax County residency documentation must be provided to the enrolled school before proceeding with the application submission.)

    address and move in date slide

  • Upload documentation of your upcoming move to include a lease or signed contract with move-in/closing date.

    upload docs slide

  • Check the four boxes at the bottom to agree to the Letter of Understanding. 

    letter of understanding slide

  • Review the application for accuracy.

  • Review the application and select “Submit.”

The enrolling parent will receive an email confirming the transfer application submission. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks to process the request. The enrolling parent will receive a decision email when the process is completed.