National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Board Certification

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) New to FCPS

National Board Certified Teachers who are new to FCPS must register in September of each school year to determine eligibility for the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) incentive award.

  1. Visit the NBPTS website.
    1. Locate and confirm your information.
    2. Update your profile to reflect working for FCPS.
      NOTE: Updating the database is extremely helpful when validating your eligibility for the VDOE incentive award.
    3. Get your NBPTS identification number.
  2. Email Sara Royer to be added to the FCPS National Board Certified Teachers Contact List

Financial Incentives for National Board Certified Teachers

Depending upon Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) budget, NBCTs may be eligible to receive:

  • First Year: $5,000

    Payment of the NBCT bonus begins the year following certification.
  • Years Two through Nine: $2,500 annually

Eligibility for VDOE Award:

  • A valid Virginia teaching license.

    New FCPS employees must apply for VA licensure as soon as possible.
  • Copy of National Board Certificate to include certificate number and issued date.
  • Validation of FCPS teacher contract. Your contract must show you provide daily direct instruction to students 50% or more of each school day.

National Board Certification

A NBPTS certification support course is offered annually. The course begins in September and supports candidates throughout the year. Search “National Board” in MyPDE.

The course is designed to support candidates seeking National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification. In the course, teachers unpack the standards and requirements to develop an online portfolio to be assessed by NBPTS. Portfolio components include a focus on:

  • Differentiation.
  • The learning environment.
  • Student assessments.
  • Effective and reflective practice.
  • Content knowledge specific to the area of certification.

The course format includes whole group instruction, small group collaboration to create personalized portfolios that reflect the professional practice of FCPS teachers. National Board Certified Teachers support the course.

Throughout the year long course, teachers:

  • Engage in collaboration, communication, and reflective practice.
  • Use reflective practice to:
    • Identify their ability to assess student growth through formative and summative assessment.
    • Create a safe and equitable learning environment.
    • Plan and implement engaging learning activities.
    • Use collaboration and communication to meet the requirements of NBPTS certification.