Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Course Information


Spanish for Heritage Speakers is offered at the following schools:

  • Annandale HS
  • Centreville HS
  • Chantilly HS
  • Edison HS
  • Fairfax HS
  • Falls Church HS
  • Glasgow MS
  • Herndon HS
  • Herndon MS
  • Holmes MS
  • Irving MS
  • Jackson MS
  • Johnson MS
  • Justice HS
  • Key MS
  • Kilmer MS
  • Lake Braddock SS
  • Lewis HS
  • Madison HS
  • Marshall HS
  • Mount Vernon HS
  • Oakton HS
  • Poe MS
  • Robinson SS
  • Sandburg MS
  • South County MS
  • South County HS
  • Stone MS
  • West Potomac HS
  • West Springfield HS
  • Westfield HS
  • Whitman MS


  • These courses are taught in Spanish and designed for heritage speakers of Spanish.
  • Middle School world languages credit becomes a part of the high school transcript.
  • These courses
    • Count toward fulfilling the world languages requirement.
    • Count toward the total number of credits required for graduation.
    • Are included in the determination of the high school grade point average (GPA).
    • Counts toward fulfilling the world languages requirements of the high school Advanced Studies diploma.

Level 1


  • Strengthen their basic skills in reading and writing Spanish.
  • Learn about the Hispanic contributions to the English language and American culture.
  • Study the major historical figures and events of Spanish-speaking countries.

Level 2

  • Continues to emphasize the improvement of students' skills in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.
  • Students read and critique contemporary short stories and make oral presentations.
  • The writing and reading processes are emphasized to ensure growth in both skills.
  • Students study various Hispanic personalities and historic events of Spanish-speaking countries.

Level 3

  • Continues to emphasize the refinement of proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish.
  • Students develop research skills through the reading and critiquing of literary works.
  • The influence of Hispanic culture in contemporary American society is highlighted.