Health and Physical Education

Physical education is required for all students from grades K-10

Virginia requires all students to receive health and physical education instruction at all instructional levels in grades K-10.

Course content for health and physical education, including family life education and driver education, is identified in Virginia Board of Education regulations and in the Virginia health and physical educations requirements for high school graduation for both the 21- and 23-credit diploma. Students with disabilities have access to adapted physical education programs.

The health and physical education program is designed to teach students the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to live a healthy lifestyle and select healthy and safe behaviors.

Physical Education content includes:

  • Fitness and conditioning.
  • Fitness planning.
  • Rhythmic activities and dances.
  • Stunts.
  • Tumbling and gymnastics.
  • Lifetime sport activities.

Health education content includes:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention education.
  • Emotional and social health education.
  • Personal and community health and safety.
  • Injury and violence prevention.
  • Human growth and development grades 4-10.
  • CPR and AED training grade 9.

The Fairfax County Public Schools comprehensive health and physical education program envisions the following:

  • A well-articulated K-10 comprehensive physical education and health program that prepares all students to actively and effectively achieve and promote lifelong wellness.
  • A continuous sequence of learning, firmly rooted in both public health and educational research and effective practice.
  • An instructional sequence that provides all students multiple opportunities to use the acquired knowledge and skills in meaningful, authentic, and realistic ways.
  • A school community that recognizes and fosters the intrinsic value of wellness.

Wellness involves the attainment and maintenance of moderate to high levels of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social fitness.