FCPS Google Workspace Ecosystem

Google Workspace for Education provides users a variety of collaborative productivity tools available anytime and anywhere.

Description of Core Google Workspace Services

Google Calendar gives users their own digital calendar to support organization and planning. Google Classroom assignments appear on a student’s Google calendar as well.

Google Classroom helps students and teachers communicate, collaborate, organize and manage assignments. It also allows teachers to grade and give feedback.

Google Contacts allow users to organize, review, and create personal mailing lists, making it easier to keep their contact information in one place and reach several people at once.

Google Docs is a word processing tool used to create and edit documents online. Users can collaborate in real-time. Unlimited revision history allows users to track changes, undo actions, and revert to previous versions.

Google Drive is cloud-based storage. Students can sign into their FCPS account, access their Google Drive and create, open and edit files from any internet-connected device. Students have UNLIMITED storage space.

Google Mail provides students SPAM-protected, ad-free email for communicating with others in the FCPS Google Workspace environment.

Google Draw enables users to create flowcharts, organizational charts, concept maps, and other types of diagrams.

Google Forms allow users to create surveys and quizzes that collect response information.

Google Keep can be used to create, organize, share, and archive notes. Notes can include text, voice and images.

Google Sheets allow users to create and edit spreadsheets. It is helpful for data collection, organization, calculations and analysis.

Google Sites can be used to create and share internal websites with other FCPS Google Workspace users.

Google Slides allow users to create, edit and collaborate on presentations online.

Google Tasks enable users to create, edit and organize task lists.