Logo Guidelines

A New Visual Identity

The FCPS Master Brand Mark

The Fairfax County Public Schools master brand mark (or logo) is the single most important identifier of the school system to students, parents, teachers, the county, and the entire region.

A new visual identity was created in 2016 to align with FCPS’ strategic messaging — representing a modern, forward-thinking school system that is focused on transforming the community through the children. The symbol of the book remains a primary element incorporating trustworthy blue brightened by yellow stars— signs of excellence and fulfilling one’s dream. Emerging from the book is the flame of knowledge, a symbol of enlightenment and learning. The positive visual identity conveys creativity, innovation, and success.

Policy on Creating Other Brand Marks

The creation of a new brand mark to designate a department, office, section, region, or specialty program is prohibited. No name or other branding element designed outside of the parameters identified in this manual will be endorsed or approved by Fairfax County Public Schools.

The implementation of FCPS’ new brand mark is budget-neutral. To be fiscally and environmentally responsible, the brand mark will be adopted offline through attrition. Please do not throw away any business cards, stationery, spirit wear, uniforms, signage, or other items that feature the existing brand mark. Incorporate the new logo only when ordering replacements or new items.

Graphic of Primary Logo. Text on graphic: The Fairfax County logo consists of a graphical element and the full spelling of our name, followed by our tagline. This is the preferred logo.

Graphic of Alternate logo. Text on graphic: Use when space is limited.Graphic if Black brand mark. Text on graphic: The black brand mark can be used when four color printing is not an option.

Graphic of stand alone mark. Text on graphic: The stand alone mark is used in scenarios where space is limited or where the full spelling becomes difficult to reproduce–such as on uniforms, coffee mugs, thumb drives, swag items, or online use.Graphic of stand alone mark with border and no FCPS letters. Text on graphic: used alone as standard recognition indicators.


Minimum Size - Primary brand mark

To ensure maximum readability and recognition of the FCPS brand mark (logo) in printed materials, the brand mark must be a minimum width of 1.”

To ensure that the brand mark is legible online, it must be a minimum width of 120 pixels.

Printing restrictions sometimes require the brand mark to be very small. If this restriction means the logo will be smaller then the minimum width, then the stand alone mark should be used.

Graphic of FCPS Logo. Minimum Width 1 inches - Printed MaterialsGraphic of FCPS Logo image. Minimum Width is 1.5 inches - Printed Materials

Graphic of FCPS Logo. Minimum Width 120 pixels - OnlineGraphic of FCPS logo. Stand Alone Brand Mark. Minimum Width is 0.5” - Printed Materials

Clear Zone

The specified area of empty space surrounding a brand mark is referred to as the “clear zone.” This space ensures proper visibility of the brand mark and should remain free from any artwork, typography, or background color. The clear zone depends on the size of the brand mark. To determine the clear zone, measure the height of the type block, “Fairfax County.”

Graphic of FCPS logo with grid around it with F's to show the Clear Zone. Clear Zone - The letter 'F' marks the height of the clear zone’s square.