Relevant Policies and Regulations for Reference (Secondary Grading and Reporting)

Links to FCPS policies and regulations that are relevant to grading and reporting practices.

Policy 2140 Homebound Instruction

Regulation 2140 Homebound and Home-based Instruction for Students

Regulation 2202 Required Admission Credentials for Students

Regulation 2204 Admission Requirements--Determination of Eligibility for Admission

Policy 2232 Student Attendance at School

Regulation 2234 Student Absences and Attendance Regulations

Regulation 2408 Earning High School Credits

Regulation 2410 Promotion and Retention of Students in Grades K-12

Policy 2418 Reporting Student Progress to Parents and Guardians

Regulations 2424 Progress Reports for Grades K-6

Regulation 2430 High School Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents

Regulation 2431 Middle School Teacher’s Guide: Grading and Reporting to Parents

Regulation 2436 Optional Pass-Fail Grading for High School Courses

Regulation 2442 Credit for Secondary Students with a Home Language Other than English

Regulation 2445 Rules and Procedures for Students Dropping High School Courses

Regulation 2460 Requirements for Graduation and Graduation Seals of Achievement

Regulation 2462 Grade Point Average and Class Rank

Policy 2601 Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Regulation 2601 Student Rights and Responsibilities Booklet

Policy 3205 Homework

Regulation 3205 Homework-Guidelines

Regulation 3250 Instructional Grouping to Support Differentiation and Placement in Content Areas

Management of Student Scholastic Record Manual (MSSRM)