Job Coach Services (Career and Transition Services)

Job coaches help students who can be independent on a job but need individualized, short-term, on-the-job support and training to succeed.

Job coach services support students' success as independent workers. Job coaches assist students with disabilities who can work on their own but need short-term support to succeed in a community work experience.  They fade their support once the student works without the coach's help.

A student can access job coach services through their employment and transition representative (ETR) at their high school.

Job Coach Services

Job coach services include:

  • Help with employer introductions and orientation to the worksite 
  • Ensure that there is a clear understanding of job tasks
  • Set up a daily work routine and schedule
  • Teach work-related behaviors,  social skills, and self-advocacy skills
  • Find natural supports
  • Re-teach the student if work requirements or supervision changes


For more information about job coach services, contact the Office of Career and Transition Services

call us at 571-423-4150