Transforming teaching and learning to prepare students for the future

FCPSOn is a transformation of learning for students and educators. At its core, it provides students with equitable access to meaningful learning experiences and technology to support their learning.

In FCPSOn schools, each student receives an FCPS-issued device to access dynamic resources and participate in learning tailored to the student’s individual needs. Students will have access to the device at school, and in some schools and grade levels, they will also be able to take their device home.

FCPSOn's transformation of learning leads to Portrait of a Graduate outcomes for ALL students. Portrait of a Graduate skills include collaborating with peers, problem-solving, and creating original work. Also, today's students are tomorrow's workforce. FCPSOn provides them with real-world technology skills that will be essential as adults.

FCPSOn supports teachers in doing what they do best.  Devices will not replace teachers. Teachers are supported through ongoing, dynamic professional learning for teachers that will result in purposeful, collaborative student learning experiences.

FCPSOn Key Messages

Digital Citizenship 

While participating in FCPSOn, students also develop digital citizenship skills as well as the responsible and safe use of technology within the learning process. It also builds a shared responsibility between school and home that provides a strategic approach to supporting students as they practice digital citizenship skills. Please visit the Digital Citizenship webpage to learn more.

Phase One Schools

eLearning Backpack (ELB)

Annandale HS, Falls Church HS, Fairfax Adult HS, Justice HS, Lewis HS, and Mount Vernon HS

Chantilly Pyramid

Chantilly HS, Franklin MS, Rocky Run MS, Brookfield ES, Greenbriar East ES, Greenbriar West ES, Lees Corner ES, Oak Hill ES, and Poplar Tree ES


Schools in the Chantilly Pyramid and eLearning Backpack high schools adopted FCPSOn as part of a pilot program in 2016. Pending approval, FCPSOn will be implemented at remaining schools during the proposed timeline:

  • 2019-20 High Schools

  • 2020-21 Middle Schools

  • 2021-22 Elementary Grades 3-6

  • 2022-23 PreK Kindergarten Elementary Grades 1-2

Technology and Our Youngest Learners

Last year, FCPS was awarded $18 million in reimbursement funds from the FCC’s Emergency Connectivity Fund. FCPS purchased age-appropriate iPads to support PreK-K students, and laptops to support advancing development for students in grades 1 and 2. Check out the video below to better understand what age appropriate instructional technology looks like at school and home.

YouTube - Spanish 

Closed-Captioning YouTube Videos Into other Languages | Fairfax County Public Schools (fcps.edu)

Explore FCPSOn Classrooms

FCPSOn extends student learning and increases equitable access to technology and instruction.

Assistive Technology Services and FCPSOn

Assistive Technology Support for FCPSOn Schools

FCPSOn Device Guidelines

Helpful guidance on how to take care of FCPS devices

More Information

Learn more about how FCPSOn supports learning and prepares students for their future.

FCPSOn Program Evaluation Year One

During the first year of FCPSOn implementation, study findings indicate clear progress in teachers beginning to integrate technology to support a blended learning approach which has, in turn, helped to improve student engagement, and Portrait of a Graduate skills.

FCPSOn Program Evaluation Year Two

During the second year of FCPSOn implementation, students and teachers indicate that school-issued personal devices are a central component of every school day, and that students use their device in multiple ways including to communicate with teachers and peers, demonstrate learning, and access educational content through web-based platforms.

FCPSOn Program Evaluation Year Three

During the third year of FCPSOn implementation, findings suggest that students are more engaged and accountable learners. Students have gained important skills and have embraced an emerging emphasis on self-guided (student centered) learning. Guaranteed access to a personal computer has succeeded in “leveling the playing field” among students of varying socio-economic backgrounds, learning interests, and needs.

FCPSOn Evaluation Report 2020-2021

The original purpose of this study was to gather formative and summative data related to the FCPSOn initiative during its fifth year of implementation. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, data collection activities were not feasible. This revise study sought to explore the goals and work around FCPSOn shaped the experiences and reactions of stakeholders to virtual learning.