Social Media Disclaimer

Please review FCPS' social media disclaimer before engaging on our social platforms.

We use social media platforms to share news and information, provide a lens into our outstanding schools, and engage with the FCPS community around relevant topics.

Please note that we are unable to monitor FCPS social media accounts 24/7. If you are a student in crisis, please call or text 988, or dial 911. Visit our Student Wellness page for more information.

We ask that all comments, private messages, and other interactions on FCPS social media accounts be respectful and courteous. We reserve the right to remove or hide content that includes, but is not limited to:

  • individually identifiable student information.
  • copyrighted material posted without permission.
  • confidential material.
  • spam, advertising, or commercial solicitations or information.
  • obscene, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, violent, vulgar, hateful, or sexual material.
  • advocating the commission of a criminal act.
  • off-topic or disruptive remarks.

We also reserve the right to temporarily block or ban users whose posts or comments on FCPS social media pages fall within the above categories.

Students, please remember that social media is a topic covered in FCPS’ Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R). Also, school administrators may be notified if a student’s online behavior is inappropriate.

All posts and correspondence received by FCPS may be subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and records retention requirements. As a result, FCPS may be obligated to retain posts and correspondence in its records and/or to disclose them if requested.