World Language Classes for Adults 

The Language Acquisition programs in ACE are robust and diverse appealing to a variety of community members.

FCPS ACE’s World Language Classes for Adults supply instruction for a variety of foreign languages and American Sign Language.  

These classes also support career advancement, graduates wanting to strengthen their skills, FCPS parents who want to learn the same language as their child, and community members who want to expand their skills. 

What languages are taught by ACE?

ACE offers a variety of classes throughout the year. Some of the languages offered include

  • American Sign Language
  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Classes are offered both online and in person at multiple locations throughout Fairfax County.

Which Level Language Class Should I Register For?

Introduction for Beginners and Travelers

If you have little or no experience with a language and need skills quickly, this is the course for you. If your reason for taking the class is because of an upcoming trip, this class will help you make the most of it.  This is also a great class for beginners who wish to take their first step in learning a new language.

Beginning 1

If you have never learned a foreign language before or learned one so long ago you’ve forgotten it, then a Beginning 1 class is for you. Students learn the basics of starting to converse in the present tense.

Beginning 2

If you have already successfully taken a Beginning 1 class or have some experience with the language, you should start here. Students in an ACE Beginning 2 class will practice conversing about everyday subjects and about past events. In this class, the present tense is taught.

Beginning 3

If you have successfully completed a Beginning 2 level class or one semester of a college level course; and are comfortable with all aspects of the present tense, then this is the class for you.


  • Enhance their conversation skills as they build vocabulary.
  • Learn future and simple past tenses, and conditional phrases.

Beginning 4

If you have taken Beginning 3 and feel comfortable with the present tense and conversational past tense, a Beginning 4 is for you. In this class students:

  • Focus on subjunctive, conditional, and other more difficult aspects of the language.
  • Practice conversation
  • Expand vocabulary to boost confidence in spontaneous speaking.

Intermediate and Review

If you have completed the beginning language class series or one full year of a college level class, then Intermediate and Review level classes are for you.

In these classes, you will focus on reviewing grammar and practicing conversations.


If you can already have basic conversations in the language or want to improve your conversation skills, then this level class is for you. Grammar is taught only as needed.

Reading Groups

If you are ready to read books in another language, start here. Students will expand vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking skills while reading and discussing the book in class.