World Language Classes for Adults 

The Language Acquisition programs in ACE are robust and diverse appealing to a variety of community members – those learning English and those seeking instruction in a foreign language.

The Language Acquisition programs in ACE are robust and diverse, answering a variety of community member needs and goals, from improving English language skills for daily life and career advancement to learning a world language to support professional and personal goals. The Adult World Languages classes offer instruction in a variety of high-demand languages. World Languages classes support FCPS graduates who wish to maintain their skills, FCPS parents who want to learn the same language their children are studying, and community members who want to expand their skills.


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Which Level Should I Register For? 

Introduction for Beginners and Travelers:

If you have little or no exposure to the language and need survival skills quickly, this is the course for you. Learning vocabulary and role playing will help you make the most of your foreign visit. This is also a great class for beginners who wish to take their first step to learning a language.

Beginning 1:  

For complete beginners who have never learned the language or learned it so long ago that they have forgotten. 

Beginning 2: 

If you have taken Beginning 1 or have some experience with the language, this is your level.

Beginning 3: 

If you have taken Beginning  2 or the equivalent of one semester of college language and feel comfortable with all aspects of the present tense, this is your level.

Beginning 4: 

If you have taken Beginning  3 and feel comfortable with the present and conversational past tenses, this is your level. Here you will focus on subjunctive, conditional, and other more difficult aspects of the language.

Intermediate and Review:

If you have completed the beginning language course or the equivalent of one full year of college language, this is your level. Review grammar and practice speaking.


If you can converse on an elementary level and want to improve or maintain your conversation skills, this level is for you. Grammar addressed only as the need arises.