Transition to Independence Program (TIP) - (Career and Transition Services)

The Transition to Independence Program (TIP) provides students with IEPs the opportunity to build employability skills on the Annandale and Alexandria campuses of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).

The Transition to Independence Program (TIP) provides students with IEPs enrolled at the Davis and Pulley Career Centers an interactive, inclusive experience on both the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) - Annandale and Alexandria campuses to include independent work opportunities. The mission of TIP is to help students develop essential skills for self-determination, independent living, further education and employment in order to maximize participation in their communities. It also provides an opportunity for students to discover if they are interested in pursuing other postsecondary education programs such as the George Mason University Life Program or Virginia Commonwealth University’s ACE-IT Program.

The goals of the TIP program are to:

  • Provide career and independent living skills instruction
  • Provide opportunities for work-based learning
  • Facilitate planning to help students achieve their postsecondary goals
  • Coordinate linkages to postsecondary resources and services
  • Provide an opportunity for students to experience a postsecondary education environment

Students who transition from the TIP program have taken advantage of a variety of postsecondary opportunities. Many work with community service providers to obtain paid employment, while others pursue educational opportunities and work toward a certification in a career of interest or adult education classes. Some students continue their educational career by enrolling in classes at NOVA or pursue coursework at other settings. This program provides students the opportunity to develop their career skills and expand their vocational knowledge while focusing on their individual goals. Overall, the program is designed to prepare students for greater independence and competitive employment.

This partnership is a creative collaborative effort that helps to provide young men and women with the resources, tools, confidence and determination to build positive community relationships, further their education and take the first steps toward developing a productive and meaningful career path.