Digital Citizenship: Videos and Tip Sheets

Digital Citizenship Advice Videos and Tip Sheets

Recorded Webinars

Promoting Digital Wellness (10/2022)

Access to technology provides limitless opportunities to connect with others, explore diverse perspectives, share and build upon ideas, get involved in the community, and find opportunities.  However, many kids are online almost constantly, which poses a number of challenges that impact youth wellness. 

Buying New Devices: What Parents Need to Know (12/2021)

Have you been thinking about a new phone, laptop, or gaming system purchase for your child? This session will help parents understand developmental factors, how to proactively prepare and establish boundaries with your child, and how to respond to challenges when they arise.

Family Digital Wellness: When is the Internet a Problem? (10/2021)

Here you will find the latest science-based resources to help you care for children, ages 0-25. Quickly find what you need to know about a child’s developmental stage, a specific type of technology, or how media can affect health and well-being.

Digital Citizenship Series Part 1: How to Find Balance with Technology (11/2020)

When technology becomes the primary place for school and connecting with others, what does it look like to set boundaries? 

Digital Citizenship Series Part 2: Hot Topics: What Concerns You the Most? (1/2021)


When Digital Citizenship Intersects with Social Emotional Learning

Learning to “stop and pause” is a learned skill that can help diffuse an unwanted situation. This podcast explores how executive functioning and social emotional skills impact a student’s approach to digital communication, creation and participation. The meaning of digital citizenship for students is defined and discussed, as well as tips for safe navigation in digital spaces.

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