Tricked: Inside the World of Teen Sex Trafficking

Recognize the lures and signs of sex trafficking

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Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, we do not recommend that viewers under 12 be permitted to view the video without prior screening and determination by an adult.


“You are taught to say he’s your boyfriend and not your pimp.” 

A 13-year old girl leaves the house on a Saturday night, telling her parents she’s going to hang out with her boyfriend. She never makes it home that night…
or the next night…or the next. Five days later, she’s found in a hotel room. She’s been drugged, beaten and sexually assaulted, and she wears a new tattoo. It’s a brand, placed there by her pimp to claim her as property…a pimp she thought was her boyfriend.

This is one scenario that happens in the world of human trafficking, a practice of using another human being for material gain. It’s often referred to as modern day slavery, and teen sex trafficking is one of the leading forms of human trafficking in the United States.

Every day, thousands of teenagers from every walk of life — every culture and economic status — are forced into the world of sex trafficking. In the 1-hour program, we take a look at how teens are scouted, manipulated, and trapped in what has become a 9.8 billion dollar underground industry. From the mall to the bus stop to the school hallways, our students are being tricked, recruited, and threatened into having sex for money.

Tricked: Inside the World of Teen Sex Trafficking will help students understand and spot the scouting and manipulating techniques that are commonly used by traffickers. Using testimony from survivors of sex trafficking, as well as insider information from a former trafficker, we talk about how to avoid susceptible behaviors. We also provide insights on how to get help if students or their friends get trapped in this terrible situation. 

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against this global issue. Help your community be more aware.

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