Respite Care

Resources for the Community

The Respite Resources listed here are provided for informational purposes only. They do not reflect recommendations or endorsements by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) or The FCPS Family Resource Center. Please contact the locations directly for fees, availability, and whether they meet your needs. 

Public Programs

ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center

  • 703-256-2084
  • Features include a National Respite Locator, a service to help families locate respite and crisis care services in their communities. Publishes several guides to funding sources and government programs for respite care.

The Arc of Northern Virginia

  • 703-208-1119
  • Information and referral resources for families and professionals.  Educational seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year to keep families up to date on advocacy issues and to provide information on disability issues.

Easter Seals

  1. 301-920-9718
  2. Offers support for families who care for children with disabilities and special needs.  Activities take place monthly in Silver Spring, MD, and include magicians, face painters, clowns, petting zoos, and other hands-on activities supported by trained volunteers.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

  • 703-383-8500
  • Offers many services for military families with children (birth through 18 years) who have special needs and are enrolled in the EFMP program, including assignment coordination and family support.

Fairfax County Department of Family Services

  • 703-324-5421
  • Older Adults  and Children
  • Provides support and referrals for respite care for anyone caring for an older adult with our without a disability and children. 

Northern Virginia Family Service

  • 571-748-2573
  • Provides therapeutic respite care to families for up to 30 consecutive days or 60 days per year.

Brain Injury Services

  • 703-451-8881
  • Brain Injury Services (BIS) has free services to support survivors of brain injury wherever they are on their journey.  BIS provides one-on-one support and connects survivors to learn from each other.  Programs include Parents’ Night Out respite events and a support group for families.


  • 1-888-296-5853
  • Pediatric Respite Care Services.  Depending on your child’s needs, a nurse or home health aide can provide care for your child while you’re away.  They work with you to determine if respite services are covered by a waiver program or alternate funding. 

CLC Autism

  • 240-994-5956
  • Respite care services include supervision and assistance with daily living activities due to absence or need for relief for family members and guardians who usually care for the child or young adult.

Private Programs

A Mother’s Rest

  • Coordinated and funds bed an breakfast respite retreats for parents and caregivers of children and adults with special needs.  Respite care programs are also offered for military-connected families that do not have family members with special needs,  Programs are located through various states. Many of the guests are  "extra needs" parents, of children and adults.  They do not require documented proof or a lengthy application.  The child does not need an IEP or have to be significantly cognitively delayed for you to participate.   They also welcome ALL foster/adoptive parents (with or without diagnosed disability), special educators, spouses caring for injured /chronically ill husbands/wives, spouses of Wounded Warriors, as well as those caring for their own parents facing Alzheimer's/Dementia and other age-related illnesses at home. 

At-Home Personal Care

  • 703-330-2323
  • Trained professionals provide in-home pediatric care and can provide comprehensive case management and support for children with disabilities and special needs including mobility impairments, serious medical conditions in need of ongoing care, developmental delays, sensory integration impairments, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders, etc.

Chimes of Virginia

  • 703-267-6558
  • Offers respite care and in-home services to families of children with disabilities. Program participants in our residential, in-home support, and day services also have access to adjunctive support to address their physical, mental, and behavioral health needs to help maximize their potential and opportunities for independence. As such, we coordinate with a variety of licensed professionals in community practice such as physicians, behavioral and mental health specialists, nutritionists, and specialty therapists.

Comfort Keepers

  • 757-204-1084
  • Respite care for seniors in their own homes while engaging them in intellectual, physical and emotional interactions.  Hours range from a few hours a week or a few hours a day. Respite care can also be used for longer periods of time to accommodate an extended break or vacation.  Customized services and flexible scheduling.  Can be scheduled as needed or as part of a weekly routine.

Developmental Support Associates

  • 301-661-6304
  • Licensed in-home and community service provider for children, adolescents, and adults.  Services include in-home respite, community respite and supported vacations.

Hartwood Foundation

  • 703-273-0939
  • Hartwood administers Fairfax County’s Respite Subsidy Program which gives local families a break on the cost of private respite services for their loved one with special needs.  Support includes group home services, residential services, emergency respite care, group home-based respite care, in-home support, drop-in services, respite subsidy program, and enrichment programs.

Jill's House

  • 703-639-5660
  • A Christian non-profit that provides short-term, overnight respite care for families with kids ages 6-17 with intellectual disabilities in the DC metro area, and around the country. Parents regularly receive 24-48 hours to rest and recharge, while their kids are engaged in activities, tailored to their interests and abilities. 

McLean Bible Church

  • 703-639-2000
  • Break Out, a Friday night respite care program for children with special needs and their siblings, ages 2-15.  Breakaway is a Saturday respite care program for individuals with disabilities ages 2-25 who are living at home. 

Right at Home: In-Home Care and Assistance

  • 703-538-4584
  • Professionally trained and bonded/insured caregivers can step in and temporarily take over the care of your loved one in your home for short-term respite care.

Dulles Health and Rehab Center

  • 703-934-5000
  • During Respite Care, your loved one will receive professional care in a safe environment, looked after by trained staff for a short term.  Respite care can be used for work travel, vacations, or relief from caregiver stress. 

Hope Tree Family Services: Home Away from Home

  • (540) 389-5468
  • HopeTree Family Services provides respite support to families who require hourly or short-term overnight support. Our respite supports are available within multiple Group Home locations across Virginia. Individuals receiving respite services becomes welcomed visitor in an established and licensed group home and participates in the planned activities in the home or in the community.

NOVA Home Health Care

  • 703-831-1111
  • Respite Care services for short-term relief are provided day or night with thoroughly trained Nova HHC care providers in your desired environment.

Pathways Behavioral Health

  • 443-690-5857
  • Provides in-home babysitting and respite support for general education and special education students.  Babysitters are trained by BCBAs to handle a wide variety of common childhood behavior problems.  Additionally, they can implement a BIP which is unique to your child and his or her problem behaviors.