Military Family Resources

Information about resources and support available in Fairfax County including Military Connected Youth videos.

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Resources for Military Families

Fairfax County Public Schools values our military community. Family and School Partnerships Office provides a host of resources and supports for families transitioning to and exiting Fairfax County Public.

Contact FCPS’ military liaison to assist and support your student and family.

Meredith Ayala, Family Partnerships Specialist

The Parent Resource Center (PRC) offers a welcoming and engaging environment for families, educators and community members. The PRC provides access to information and resources to support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs and disabilities. Military families may be interested in the Military Connected Families padlet, as well as the lending library, webinars and other resources. Contact the PRC for more information.

Across Fairfax County, schools engaged in meaningful activities and celebrations to honor Veterans and their families.

Military Connected Youth Videos

Meet our military connected youth!

Impact Aid - Overview for Parents

Federal Impact Aid is a law that provides a way for the federal government to reimburse local school districts for the loss of property and business tax support associated with federally connected students residing on/off base in the district.

  • The funding that your child’s school receives in Impact Aid directly impacts his or her education by providing replacement funding for operating expenses such as materials, equipment, staff, special education programming, and building improvements as part of the general funding of the district.
  • Individual schools meeting a military student threshold may qualify for Grants.

As a parent, what can I do?
It’s simple: Each year your child receives the Federal Survey Card form that requests confidential information regarding his/her federal connection (including military dependents). Simply by thoroughly completing and promptly returning this brief survey, you contribute to your child’s school funding!

  • Incomplete cards cannot be submitted for Impact Aid; thereby creating a loss of funding for the district.
  • Information provided is protected under Privacy Laws.

For more information regarding Impact Aid, contact a local School Liaison Officer

School Resources

General information about Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) that can help to make your transition easier.

Visit the Schools and Centers Directory to locate your school.

Inquire about your school's Student Ambassador Program. Student Ambassador Programs are school-based, student led peer transition programs to support student's transition to their new school.

Learn more about the Edison HS program.

      Contact your school's counseling office for information on: student registration; SOL and other standardized testing; guidance and course selection; course and grade placement; absences related to deployment; and graduation requirements. 

      Contact your school's records office for transcripts and records requests.

      Contact Your School's student activities office for information about participation in extracurricular activities and sports eligibility. Below are links to some of the more popular websites around sports and recreation in Fairfax County.

      Beyond the School Day

      Fairfax County offers School-Age Child Care (SACC) before and after school as well as during the summer and school breaks. There are also programs specific to military families.

      Child Care Support

      Military Camps and Services

      • Operation Purple Camp, serving military families in different phases of military life. 
      • Our Military Kids provides grants for sports, fine arts, and tutoring programs for dependents of the National Guard and reserves who are deployed and dependents of wounded warriors.

      Additional Resources

      Resources for Military Families with Children Requiring Special Accommodations

      Educational Supports for Military Connected Students

      Social, Emotional & Behavioral Supports

      Deployment Specific Resources

      Supporting Transitions for Military Families

      FCPS supports Military Families as they transition to and from our school system

      Month of the Military Child

      Celebrating the Month of the Military Child provides a powerful opportunity to raise awareness and build support to help our children meet the unique challenges they face!

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