School Health Services

Important Health Authorization Forms including Epipen and Inhaler Authorization forms can be found here.

Return to School: Student Health and Safety Guidance

FCPS is providing guidance regarding school health and safety practices for students for reopening schools during all phases. Health screening questionnaires and health screening commitment forms are available in all languages.
Student Health and Safety Guidance

Return to School: Health, Mental Health, and Community Resources

Information on health, including mental health, medical care, and other community resources.
Health, Mental Health, and Community Resources

FCPS Immunization Information

Parents or legal guardians will need to provide proof of immunizations as required by Virginia law for attendance at a public school.
Immunization Information

Fairfax County Health Department Immunizations

The Fairfax County Health Department offers school-required immunizations for free.
School Immunization Flyer 2021-2022

Information on health, including mental health, medical care, and other community resources is available.

COVID-19 Vaccine & Local Testing Information

Video: How to Put On and Take Off a Face Covering-Student Procedures

FCPS Wellness Newsletter

Our quarterly wellness newsletter delivers useful information for parents.

Health Authorization and Health Information Forms

  • se63

    Medication Authorization

  • se63 - Spanish

    Autorización Para Administrar Medicamentos
    Por favor, envíe la versión en inglés de este formulario a su escuela para su procesamiento.

  • se64

    Epinephrine Authorization

  • se64 - Spanish

    Autorización de Epinefrina
    Por favor, envíe la versión en inglés de este formulario a su escuela para su procesamiento.

  • se65

    Inhaler Authorization

  • se71

    SS/SE-71 Health Information

  • se71 - Spanish

    Información De Salud
    Por favor, envíe la versión en inglés de este formulario a su escuela para su procesamiento.

  • mch213

    School Entrance Physical Examination

Note: The School Entrance Health Form - (MCH-213-Spanish) is available on the  Virginia Department of Health (VDH) website


FCPS + GMU = A Healthier Community

In the video below, learn about health services that are available to those without health insurance who are registering at the Dunn Loring Student Registration Welcome Center. This program, Mason and Partners Clinic (MAPs), is a partnership between FCPS and George Mason University. The clinic is housed at the FCPS Dunn Loring Administrative Center (2334 Gallows Rd, Vienna, VA 22182). Call 703-204-6740 for more information.

Vaping: What Students Should Know

Harmful chemicals, nicotine addiction, disciplinary consequences, and other potential hazards–vaping is risky behavior!.
Learn about the harmful effects of vaping

Information on Vaping/Juuling

Information and resources for parents on the health risks associated with vaping.
View resources for parents

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are behaviors that can lead to serious health problems. When discovered early, eating disorders are treatable.

Lice Treatment and Prevention

Information on the treatment and prevention of lice, including a lice treatment calendar.
Lice Treatment and Prevention

Bed Bug Information

View information on the treatment and prevention of bed bugs.
View the Bed Bug Resource Guide

Management of Life Threatening Allergies

Guidelines on how allergies are addressed in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).
View Allergy Management Guidelines


Information on scoliosis and methods for early detection.
Scoliosis Fact Sheet

School Health and Wellness

FCPS addresses the needs of the whole child through services that are student-centered and enlist the support of our most valuable resources: families and communities.
Learn more about School Health and Wellness

School Health Advisory Committee

The School Health Advisory Committee assists with the development of health policy in the school division and the evaluation of the status of school health, health education, the school environment, and health services.
Learn more about the School Health Advisory Committee

About School Health Services

Our comprehensive school health program has eight elements, touching all aspects of the school experience and having potential to have a significant impact on students' health knowledge, attitudes, and values. Leadership for each of these elements is provided by several departments within the school system and by the health department. The health department acts in a consultant role to support the services provided by the divisions within the schools.

  • Health Education provides a sequential grades preK-12 instructional program addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of health.
  • Physical Education serves as a means for students to develop strength, coordination, and cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, as well as for social development, stress reduction, and movement appreciation.
  • Health Services promotes the health of students and school staff members through prevention, early intervention, and remediation of specific health problems.
  • Counseling provides broad-based prevention and intervention programs to promote the physical and psychological health of students and faculty.
  • School Environment creates and maintains facilities that enhance the physical and psychological well being of students. It also provides school clinics to manage injuries and illnesses of students and staff members.
  • School Nutrition promotes good nutritional practices both within and outside the school settings (breakfast and lunch programs and nutrition education in the classroom).
  • Employee Assistance Program (Staff Wellness) provides school staff members with the opportunity to take active roles in maintaining and achieving optimal physical and psychological health.
  • School and Community Agencies integrates health and education professionals in the school and community to provide and support improved school health programs.