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Short videos to help you learn how to navigate Schoology.


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How Do I Log In to Schoology?

How Do I Pronounce Schoology?

How Do I See My Child's Schoology Account?

Learn how to move between your Schoology account and viewing your child’s account.

What Can I See In My Child's Account? - The Home Page

This video shares what information you may see on your child’s home page including:

  • student activity,
  • recent submissions, and
  • grades.

There is also a section that shows Overdue and Upcoming assignments.

What Can I Do In My Schoology Parent Account?

This video highlights some of the features in a Schoology parent account including:

  • the Recent Activity page and
  • how to get back to the home page from anywhere in Schoology.

What Will I Find in My Schoology Parent Account? - Courses, Groups, and Resources

This video shows some of what you will find in a Schoology parent account including:

  • Courses,
  • Groups, and
  • Resources.

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