EL Supports Input Form for College Board Testing

Submit your input for EL supports on College Board tests

Printable College Board EL support forms are available with FCPS translations

This page provides content found on the Fairfax County Public Schools English learner (EL) support input form for College Board Testing. This information is included as enclosure 5 in the SAT School Day testing notifications shared with parents and guardians in June-July 2021. 

Please note that if you wish to request EL testing supports for the SAT School Day, a consent form is required in addition to this input form as part of the FCPS EL support process for College Board testing

Enclosure 5 - EL Supports Input Form for College Board Testing

The College Board English learner (EL) supports listed below apply to the SAT School Day test and are available only to English learners, as identified under state and federal policy. If you would like the school to request College Board EL support(s) for your student:

  • Circle the EL support(s) below that you would like requested;
  • Initial and date at the bottom of this form to confirm your input;
  • Return this form along with Enclosure 6 to the high school by August 10, 2021.

College Board EL supports are different from SOL EL testing accommodations. Review the notes below to understand implications for testing. The College Board website provides additional explanations of how EL supports are implemented (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12/english-learner-supports).

SAT School Day EL Supports

Adjust the presentation of test directions, manner in which students respond to test items, and/or the scheduling of the test:

  • Translated test directions
  • Use of bilingual word-to-word glossaries
  • 50 percent extended time 1


  1. Extended time: Students must stay the entire amount of time for which they are approved. They cannot leave early, and they cannot move onto the next test section until the allotted time has passed, even if they finish the section early. Students will not be able to participate in the school's early dismissal on test day.

Parent/Guardian Confirmation of Selected EL Supports:

By initialing, I confirm that I would like the high school to request the College Board EL Supports circled above after considering my student's needs in relation to the information available about the SAT School Day test. 

    Parent/Guardian Initials: ________________   Date: __________________