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The following provides content from Enclosure 2 of the division's PSAT notification letter.

The College Board accommodations listed below apply to the PSAT/NMSQT test and are available only to students with disabilities, as documented in an IEP or 504 Plan, or to students with documented medical needs. If you would like the school to request College Board accommodation(s) for your student:

  • Circle the accommodation(s) below that you would like requested from your student's IEP or 504 Plan;
  • Initial and date at the bottom of this form to confirm your input;
  • Return this form along with with Enclosure 3 to the high school by August 15, 2019. 

College Board accommodations are different from SOL testing accommodations. Review the notes below to understand implications for testing. The College Board website provides additional explanations of how accommodations are implemented (

Timing/Scheduling Accommodations Setting Accommodations

Adjust the scheduling of a test:

  • Breaks as needed
  • Extra or extended breaks
  • 50 percent extended time 1
  • 100 percent extended time
  • Late start time
  • Limited testing time 2

Adjust the place in which the testing occurs:

  • Home/hospital testing
  • Preferential seating
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • One-to-one testing
  • Small group setting
Presentation Accommodations Response Accommodations

Adjust the presentation of test materials and/or test directions:

  • Sign language interpreter (directions only)
  • Reader (person) 3
  • MP3 (computer audio) 4
  • Braille/Braille graphs and figures
  • Written copy of oral instructions
  • Large print (14 point, 20 point, 24 point)
  • Auditory amplification/FM system
  • Use of colored overlay
  • Assistive technology-compatible 5

Adjust the manner in which students respond to test items:

  • 4-function calculator (on the Math Test "no calculator" portion)
  • Writer/scribe 6
  • Student marks in test booklet
  • Large-block answer sheet


Medical Accommodations

Adjust the restrictions on materials permitted into the secure testing environment:

  • Permission to test blood sugar
  • Permission for food/medication








  1. Extended time: Students must stay the entire amount of time for which they are approved. They cannot leave early, and they cannot move onto the next test section until the allotted time has passed, even if they finish the section early. Students will not be able to participate in the school's early dismissal on PSAT Day. 
  2. Limited testing time: Testing may need to be administered over two days. If this is the case, students will miss classroom instruction on the Thursday following PSAT Day.
  3. Reader (person): Testing must be administered one-on-one, reading word-for-word for the whole test or parts of the test. 
  4. MP3 (computer audio): Testing must be administered over two days with 100 percent extended time, plus 45 additional minutes in Section 2 (Writing and Language test). Students will miss classroom instruction on the Thursday following PSAT Day. See also Footnote 1 above, regarding implementation of extended time. 
  5. Assistive Technology Compatible: Section 2 (Writing and Language test) requires 100 percent extended time. See also Footnote 1 above.
  6. Writer/scribe: Testing must be administered one-on-one with 50 percent extended time. Students dictate responses to the adult scribe. See also Footnote 1 above, regarding implementation of extended time. 


Parent/Guardian Confirmation of Selected Accommodations:

By initialing, I confirm that I would like the high school to request the College Board accommodations circled above after considering my student's needs in relation to the information available about the PSAT/NMSQT test. 

                                 Parent/Guardian Initials: ________________   Date: __________________

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