Military Families

FCPS welcomes responsive and collaborative communication and partnerships with the parents and families of our students.

Supporting Transitions for Military Families

To help make your transition easier, Department of Defense (DOD) employees from each branch of service provide a School Liaison Officer or a point of contact. School Liaison Officers are the primary point of contact for school-related matters and assist military families with school issues.

Contact a Fort Belvoir School Liaison 

School News

Fairfax County Youth Survey and Military Youth

The Fairfax County Youth Survey is given annually to FCPS 8th, 10th, and 12th graders (6th graders take a separate, shortened survey) and for the last two years has included questions about being military connected. The survey examines experiences and behaviors as reported by our youth with regards to substance abuse; mental health symptoms; bullying and aggression; sexual health; as well as nutrition, sleep, and physical activity. The survey also identifies school, community and family-based protective factors, or “assets”, which are associated with youth being more or less likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors. The full report is available on the Fairfax County Government website by searching Fairfax County Youth Survey.

Month of the Military Child

From deployments to new schools, military children are faced with unique challenges that ordinary youth their age never experience. Their ability to adapt to present and future changes deserves respect and admiration. In an effort to recognize the hard work and applaud the courage of military children, the Department of Defense (DoD) deemed April as the Month of the Military Child (MOMC).