School Boundary Adjustments

Everything you need to know about school boundary information to include boundary adjustments and administrative boundary changes

School assignment is determined by residence address. Visit the boundary (attendance area) information page to determine a school assignment. School boundaries are reevaluated each year and may be adjusted. School boundary information is provided for the current school year only.

School Boundary Maps

Individual school boundary maps can be viewed and printed through the Schools and Centers Directory, and can also be purchased for $12 each from the Office of Facilities Planning Services, 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22042.

Proposed Boundary Adjustments

For boundary adjustments affecting fifteen percent or more of the enrollment at a school, the Division Superintendent is directed to consider the need to make adjustments governed by School Board Policy 8130.7.  

Proposed Boundary Adjustment for Luther Jackson Middle School 

Approved Boundary Adjustments

  • Map -

    Freedom Hill/Vienna Elementary School Expedited Boundary Adjustment

Administrative Boundary Changes

Pursuant to School Board Policy 8130, the Superintendent is authorized to administratively adjust school attendance areas, after consultation with the affected School Board representative(s), when any one of the following circumstances occurs:

A. An emergency or other overriding public need requires such a change.
B. New unoccupied housing requires reassignment to avoid school crowding or to facilitate student transportation.
C. Less than five percent of the enrollment of each school will be affected, and analysis indicates the change will improve the operating efficiency of the school division.

The following are administrative boundary changes that have been approved and are in the process of being implemented:

  • Daventry Subdivision (Effective SY 2015-16).  For more information and a detailed map, please review the below information.
  • Map -

    Daventry Subdivision Administrative Boundary Change

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