Development Review and Proffer Processes

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Presented to the School Board on January 12, 2015

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    November 20 2014 - FCPS School Impact Proffer Formula and Student Yield Ratio Update

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    September 9 2002 - BOS Residential Development Criteria Implementation Motion

Residential Development Applications Dashboard

This dashboard has been prepared to provide quick and dynamic visual analytics about the Fairfax County residential development applications that have been reviewed by Fairfax County Public Schools staff.  Applications include those proposed through a Fairfax County zoning or comprehensive plan amendment application and may be “Pending,” “Approved,” "Adopted," “Under Construction,” or “Built".  These applications are approved or adopted by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  The dashboard includes information on proposed housing units, schools serving the application, and the potential student yield from the proposed housing units.  The dashboard includes a “Read Me” tab which describes and provides walk-throughs on the functionalities available in the dashboard and the information presented.  The dashboard is updated every quarter, as applicable.

Residential Development Applications

View information on Fairfax County residential developments that have been reviewed by Fairfax County Public Schools staff.