Universal Screener

Screening for Success!

Universal screening in reading and math is providing FCPS with information about strengths and needs in students’ foundational skills, or the building blocks for reading and math success. Gaps in foundational skills are the root of many later learning difficulties; early detection and intervention in these gaps can help students reach their potential.

Basics about the Universal Screener

The universal screener provides an initial view of all students’ foundational skills to help teachers identify students who may have challenges in reading or mathematics.

The reading assessment evaluates students' skills in five areas:

  • phonological awareness
  • phonics
  • high frequency words
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension

The math assessment evaluates students' skills in four areas:

  • number and operations
  • algebra and algebraic thinking
  • measurement and data
  • geometry

A video has been created to explain the rationale for the Universal Screener and describe its positive impact in schools.

Next Steps After Screening

The screener provides a first look at areas in which students may need extra support. Teachers will collect additional information, as needed, using in-person assessments, such as the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2). Taken together, these results will help teachers plan targeted instruction or intervention in areas of need.