iReady Score Reports for Parents

Understanding your child's iReady results

After each iReady universal screener assessment window, student results are shared with parents and guardians and are used by teachers to inform instructional planning. Contents of the official Fairfax County Public Schools iReady score report is provided below. Further information is also available for any students who took part in additional diagnostic assessments.


                                                                                                       Created at: __________________

To the Parents/Guardians of:__________________ SID: _________ GRD: _____

Your child recently took the iReady assessment for reading and/or mathematics. iReady is used as a universal screener and progress monitoring assessment in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Your child’s scaled score and domain performance is reported for each tested subject. For students whose performance is at or below the 39th national norm percentile, school staff will review available data to determine if additional assessments and/or interventions are needed. The school will communicate any next steps for your child.

Scaled scores provide a way to measure growth. You can compare your child’s scaled score to the end-of-grade level range for this school year. You can also compare your child’s scaled scores from one window to the next to see progress in reading or mathematics. Generally, a student’s scaled score will increase throughout the school year. 

Domain performance identifies if your child’s performance meets, approaches, or is below the expectation for this testing window. More information can be found on the iReady Domain webpage ( 

If you have questions about the results in this report or about your child’s strengths and needs in reading or mathematics, please contact your child’s teacher. If your child qualifies for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services, please keep in mind that the iReady assessment is administered in English, and your child is in the process of developing English language proficiency. Contact your child’s ESOL teacher for information on your child’s English language development.

For a translation of this document, please visit the webpage at or contact your student’s school.

Testing Window: ____________________  Administered By: _____________________

Test Information Domain Performance .
Subject:    Mathematics Number and Operations ____
Test Date: ____ Algebra and Algebraic Thinking ____
National Norm Percentile: ____ Measurement and Data ____
Scaled Score: ____ Geometry ____
Scaled Score End-of-Grade Level Range: ____    
Test Information Domain Performance .
Subject:    Reading Phonological Awareness ____
Test Date: ____ Phonics ____
National Norm Percentile: ____ High Frequency Words ____
Scaled Score: ____ Vocabulary ____
Scaled Score End-of-Grade Level Range: ____ Comprehension Literature ____
  Comprehension Informational Text ____


iReady Parent Score Report Translations

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