Mentoring Partnerships

Let your business or community group positively impact students

Need to Know:

What: The mission of the FCPS MentorWorks program is to connect every Fairfax County Public Schools student to a caring, responsible person.

Why: Quality mentoring programs have been shown to impact students socially, emotionally, and academically, thus creating safer, healthier, more productive citizens of our society.

Who: Businesses and community groups with the capacity to establish and support a mentoring team of 10 volunteers or impact 10 or more students and willing to mentor from August/September to June.

A mentor is a caring, responsible person who is interested in giving time to a student, encouraging the child to develop his or her strengths and capabilities.

When: We ask for a school-year commitment of 30 minutes a week for one full school year.  Mentoring occurs on weekdays during the school day.

Where: Mentoring always happens on school grounds when FCPS staff is present. Mentoring can happen at a school near your work or home.

Requirements - Business and Community Group

Engagement Thresholds: To support a school-based mentoring program we request engagement by 10 mentors or the support of at least 10 students.

Time Commitment: We seek mentoring partners who can support a full school year, ideally starting in August/September and running through June. If beginning after November 15, we ask for a commitment for the following school year. While we ask for 30 minutes a week, an hour every other week is also effective and acceptable. * Mentoring volunteers must attend training through MentorWorks.

CEO-VP Commitment: Because mentoring is a one-to-one program and because FCPS will work with each mentor individually CEO-VP commitment is not required, however, it's always recommended. CEO-VP levels of commitment can be beneficial as the Return on Investment (ROI) for employees engaged in a partnership, especially a team-based mentoring program, is very high. Employee retention, leadership training, networking, and real intrinsic value are identifiable returns.

Establish an Ignite Partnership (10+ mentors required or support of 10+ students)

Jay Garant, 571-423-1225

Mentor as an Individual (fewer than 10 mentors)

Martha Macdonald, 571-423-4273

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