SIS Parent Account - Weekly Progress Report Emails

Quick Reference for Parents

All parents/guardians of MS and HS students who have registered for a SIS ParentVUE Account and have a primary email address recorded in SIS ParentVUE can receive Weekly Progress Reports via email. This report provides a summary of your student(s) grades for the current quarter. To activate the Weekly Progress Reports via email, login to your SIS ParentVUE Account and first verify that you have a primary email address within the system. It is listed under the “My Account” tab. If it is blank, enter the email address where you would like to receive the progress reports and click on update account. Once confirmed, parents/guardians are able to activate and select their preferences for receiving these reports within the SIS ParentVUE “My Account” tab. Weekly progress reports for all of your middle and high school students will be included in one email.

You may also contact your student's school for further assistance


Description of Functionality - Trouble Shooting Tips

Selections on the "My Account" tab

  • Checkbox – Notify me with my child's Gradebook scores
    • This selection turns on/off the emails when the box is checked or not checked
  • Day of the week drop down
    • Select the day of the week the system will send emails
  • Checkbox – Only send messages when grades are below X percentage
    • Check the box and fill in a percentage threshold
    • System will only send the weekly email if the percentage is below the threshold on the day of the week indicated
  • Primary Email: This email is where the system is sending the SIS Weekly Progress Report emails
    • Update as needed
  • Update Account button - Saves current selections
  • Cancel button - Returns to previous selections

Did not receive an emailed progress report

Please confirm that you have...

  • a SIS Parent Account
  • a SIS Primary Email
  • checked your Junk/Spam folder
  • not opted out of emails in the preferences on the My Account tab
  • verified the day of the week selected for email to be sent

Not all my students are included in the email

  • Please check the grade percentage setting. The student missing may have all marks above the threshold.
  • Note that elementary school (ES) students are not included as the ES Teachers are not using the Gradebook portion of SIS.

Grade questions/concerns

  • Gradebook details can be viewed by logging into the Gradebook within the SIS Parent Account.
  • For other questions, please contact the teacher.

A Course is not listed in the progress report

  • A course will not appear on the progress report if there is not at least one graded assignment for the course.
  • For other questions, please contact the teacher.

Received an email even though the threshold is set at 70% and my student has all "A"s

  • Refer to the teacher syllabus, if the teacher is using the 4.0 grading scale the percentages are likely below the set threshold.


SIS Parent Account Overview

Access information about your child’s attendance, class performance, demographic data and course materials online.